Directed by B.S. Thapa
Produced by Sumononjali Films
Music by Jaidev
Release dates
  • 16 December 1966 (1966-12-16)
Country Nepal
Language Nepali

'Maitighar' (Nepali: माइतिघर) (meaning birth home of a girl) is a classic 1966 Nepali film directed by B.S. Thapa.[1] It was the third Nepali film produced and the first under a private banner.


The main story about the movie is love for homeland.



Maitighar was the first film to be produced under a private banner in Nepal. It had many Indians contributing towards the making of the film - actors, musicians and technicians. The place where the film shooting took place in Kathmandu, Nepal has been named Maitighar after the movie.[2]


The music was scored by Jaidev, a veteran music maestro. Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle, Usha Mangeshkar, Manna Dey and Geeta Dutt did the playback singing, along with Nepali singers Prem Dhoj Pradhan, C.P. Lohani and Aruna Lama. Lata Mangeshkar sang a Nepali song that was penned by the late King Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev of Nepal.

Track Artists Length
Chha Salaam Kasari Bolam C.P. Lohani
Hansi Kheli Yehi Dhuloma Manna Dey
Hera Dharti Dagmagai Manna Dey
Hey Suna Aaja Ma Timiharu C.P. Lohani
Jai Jai Janani Nepal Manna Dey
Jun Mato Ma Mero Lata Mangeshkar
Kala Kurtaile C.P. Lohani, Aruna Lama
Keko Khanu Keko Launu Aruna Lama, Geeta Dutt
Ma Pyar Bechidinchu Asha Bhosle
Namana Laaj Yestari Prem Dhoj Pradhan Usha Mangeshkar
Salloma Bhanu Sallo Ho Aruna Lama, Geeta Dutt
Sanu Maya Mero Maya Lai Aruna Lama, Geeta Dutt
Tinai Sahar Nepalima C.P. Lohani
Unbhoma Jharne Banko Bato C.P. Lohani, Aruna Lama
Yo Ho Mero Pran Bhanda Pyaro Maitighar Asha Bhosle


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