Maghnus Ua Conchobair

Maghnus Ua Conchobair, Prince of Connacht, died 1181.

Family background

Maghnus was a son of King Tairrdelbach Ua Conchobair (1088-1156) and one of his six wives.

Crich Coirpre

Magnhus and his brother, Brian Luighnech Ua Conchobhair, were killed at the battle of Crich Coirpre in County Sligo by King Flaithbertaigh of Tyrconnell. The battle occurred "on the Saturday before Whitsuntide", "Sixteen of the sons of the lords and chieftains of Connacht were slain by the Kinel Connell, as well as many others, both of the nobles and the plebeians".

As a result of this battle, "They (the Cenel Conaill) held the Connacians under subjection for a long time." Among the notable dead were two sons of Aed Ua Conchobair, Aed mac Conchobair Ua Cellaigh, Gilla Crist Ua Roduibh, Eachmarchach Ua Murray, a son of Mortough Ua Conchobair, "three of the O'Mulrenins; the two Mac Gillaboys; and Hugh, son of Hugh, who was the son of Roderic, together with many others of the nobility".

Brian Luighneach's son, Donogh, was also killed.

Children and descendants

Maghnus's descendants were known as the Clann Maghnusa (LNG, pp. 398–99), which Jaski identifies as Mac Magnusa of Tir Tuathail (EIKS, p. 316). This would place them in County Roscommon.

Magnus had the following known offspring:


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