Maghnus Ó Conchobair

Maghnus mac Conchobair Ruadh Ua Conchobair was King of Connacht in Ireland. He was a member of the Clan Muircheartaigh Uí Conchobhair lineage. He ousted his brother.


Maghnus had a daughter, Fionnghuala (d.1306). Before she was married, Fionnghuala had a poem dedicated to her by Tadhg Mór Ó hÚigínn, her father's tutor and a member of the famous O'Higgins poetic family.[1][2] She then married Brian ‘Breaghach’ Mág Samhradháin, chief of the McGovern Clan of Tullyhaw, County Cavan, from 1272 to 3 May 1294. Their children were Giolla Íosa (d. 1322), Ferghal Ruadh (d.1322) and a daughter Gormlaidh who married Matha O’Reilly (d.1304). Fionnghuala died in 1306 according to the Annals of Ulster- Finnghuala, daughter of Maghnus Ua Concobuir, died. The Annals of the Four Masters give her death as 1310- Finola, daughter of Manus O'Conor, died. The Annals of Connacht 1310 state- Findguala daughter of Magnus O Conchobair rested in Christ. The Annals of Loch Cé 1310 state Finnghuala, daughter of Maghnus O'Conchobhair, quievit in Christo.


Preceded by
Cathal mac Conchobair Ruadh Ua Conchobair
King of Connacht
1288 - 1293
Succeeded by
Aedh mac Eoghan Ua Conchobair

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