Magdalena of France

For Queen consort of James V of Scotland, see Madeleine of Valois.
Magdalena of Valois
Princess of Viana

Madeleine of France, as betrothed of Ladislaus the Posthumous, ca 1457
Born (1443-12-01)1 December 1443
Died 21 January 1495(1495-01-21) (aged 51)
Burial Pamplona Cathedral
Spouse Gaston of Foix, Prince of Viana
Issue Francis Phoebus, King of Navarre
Catherine, Queen of Navarre
House Valois
Father Charles VII, King of France
Mother Marie of Anjou
Religion Roman Catholic

Madeleine of France, also called Magdalena of Valois (1 December 1443, Tours - 21 January 1495, Pamplona), was a French princess, and regent of Navarre during the minority of her children, Francis I and Catherine I, who were successively monarchs of Navarre, from 1479 until 1494.


She was a daughter of Charles VII of France and Marie of Anjou.

Magdalena was betrothed to Ladislaus the Posthumous however he died suddenly in Prague on 23 November 1457 while preparing for his marriage. It was rumored at the time that his political opponents in Bohemia had poisoned him; but in the 20th century it was proved that Ladislaus died of leukemia, not a recognized disease in that period.

She married Gaston, Prince of Viana, son and heir of Gaston IV, Count of Foix and Eleanor of Navarre, at Saint-Jean-d'Angély in 1461. They had two children:

Her husband died in 1470, predeceasing his father; accordingly, when Gaston IV died in 1472, his possessions were inherited by Magdalena's son, Francis Phoebus. Francis became the heir of Navarre in 1479 upon the death of his great-grandfather, John II of Aragon and Navarre, who left Navarre to the rightful heir, Magdalena's mother-in-law, Eleanor. Eleanor only spent a few weeks as queen before she herself died; Francis Phoebus became king, and his mother acted as regent until his death, at age 17, in 1483; Magdalena then acted as regent for her daughter, Catherine, until 1494. During this regency, she was forced to battle her brother-in-law, John of Foix, who claimed the throne of Navarre as heir male of Francis Phoebus.

Magdalena was taken hostage by Ferdinand II of Aragon in 1494. She died in the following year; her death provoked fresh conflict.

With the death of Charles VIII of France (Magdalena's nephew), the descendants of Charles VI of France ceased to occupy the French throne. By the death of Anne of France, Magdalena's descent, along with that of her elder sister Yolande, Duchess of Savoy, became the last surviving legitimate descents from Charles VII of France. Her descendant and heir, Henry III of Navarre, would become King of France in 1589, returning the descent and heirs of Charles VI and Charles VII to the French throne.



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