Madame Makes Her Exit

Madame Makes Her Exit
Directed by Wilhelm Thiele
Produced by Charles Delac
Marcel Vandal
Written by Paul Armont (play)
Marcel Gerbidon (play)
Franz Schulz
Wilhelm Thiele
Starring Liane Haid
Hans Brausewetter
Hilde Hildebrand
Ilse Korseck
Music by Ralph Erwin
Cinematography Nicolas Farkas
Distributed by Tobis Film
Release dates
12 January 1932
Running time
85 minutes
Country Germany
Language German

Madame Makes Her Exit (German:Madame hat Ausgang) is a 1932 German romantic comedy film directed by Wilhelm Thiele and starring Liane Haid, Hans Brausewetter, Hilde Hildebrand. It premiered on 12 January 1932.[1] A separate French language version Amourous Adventure was also released, directed by Thiele with a largely different cast.



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