Maciej Boryna

Maciej Boryna

Maciej Boryna – 2005
Born (1974-03-28) 28 March 1974
Szprotawa, Poland
Occupation Journalist, writer, researcher

by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage,

Medal of Honored for Commune Szprotawa

Maciej Boryna (born 28 March 1974 in Szprotawa/Sprottau) is Polish journalist and scientific researcher, author of many books of Silesian history, founder and director of Regional History Museum F.Matuszkiewicz's in Szprotawa, co-founder and first president of Lower Silesian Forest Institute,[1] state keeper of monuments and nature, alderman in Szprotawa (2006–2010), member in Żagański-District board of directors (since 2010).[2]

Director of researching program "Silesian Walls" and "Chrobry fortified village in Szprotawa", designer of forest preserve "Slavic Park".[3][4] Awarded by Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage (2008), medal of Honored for Commune Szprotawa (2002).[5]

His books and publications

Journeys and scientific research


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