Macedonian Alliance for European Integration

Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (Macedonian Party)
Leader Edmond Temelko
Founded October 30, 2004[1]
Ideology Regionalism
Macedonian minority interest
Political position Centre-right to Right-wing
European affiliation none
International affiliation none
1 / 61

The Macedonian Alliance for European Integration (Macedonian Party) (Macedonian: Македонска Алијанса за Европска Интеграција Albanian: Aleanca Maqedonase për Integrimin Europian) is a political party of the ethnic Macedonians in Albania. It was established on 30 October 2004 under the name Macedonian Alliance for European Integration and was registered as a political party on 8 June 2005.[2]

First Party Congress

The first congress of the party was held on 25 April 2009 in Tirana, the capital city of Albania. On the congress the party delegates made several major decisions:[1]

2011 Census

In 2011, Macedonian Alliance for European Integration informed the mediums that Macedonians in Albania will boycott the Albanian Census of 2011.[3] Also, the party denied the results, based on the Census Law Amendments approved by the Albanian Parliament that established a fine of $1,000 to each person declaring unreal or partial data, specifically declaring ethnicity different to what is written in the birth certificate.[4]

Electoral results

2007 local elections

The party participated in 2007 Albanian local election,[5] obtaining 1.086[6] votes (0,08%) and gaining 4 councillor mandates: 1 in Trebisht and 3 in Liqenas,[7] and Edmond Temelko with 1.468 votes supported by PS, LSI, PSD, PDS and AD was elected as mayor of Liqenas.[8]

2009 parliamentary elections

The party participed in the 2009 Albanian parliamentary election and entered a coalition with the Democratic Party of Albania of prime minister Sali Berisha.[9]

2011 local elections

In the 2011 local elections of Albania, the Macedonian Party president Edmond Temelko war re-elected as mayor of Pustec Municipality.[10] The party received a plurality in two municipalities, Liqenas (28.5%) and Trebisht (19.6%). The party also received a significant percentage of votes in Bilisht, Pirg, and other regions bordering the Republic of Macedonia.[11]

2015 local elections

The party participated in 2015 Albanian local election, obtaining 3,647[12] votes (0.23%) and gaining 9 councilor mandates: 7 in Pustec,[13] 1 in Pogradec[14] and 1 in Maliq,[15] and Edmond Temelko with 2,076 votes supported by ASE was elected as mayor of Pustec.[16]

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