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The Macau Jockey Club (MJC; traditional Chinese: 澳門賽馬會; simplified Chinese: 澳门赛马会; pinyin: Àomén Sàimǎhuì; Jyutping: ou3 mun4*2 coi3 maa5 wui6*2) is an organization providing horse racing and betting entertainment in Macau, China. MJC is one of the largest private employers of Macau with around 1,400 employees and around 1,100 part-timers.


The club began as the Macau Trotting Club in 1980 in an attempt to introduce harness racing in Asia, but it was not a popular sporting event and gave way to the formation of the current thoroughbred racing club in 1989.


The MJC has one track on Taipa converted from the old trotting track. The old track is now the inner sand track and the newer outer track is turf. The stables at the MJC are home to about 1,000 horses.



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