Maari oil field

Maari oilfield
Country New Zealand
Location South Taranaki
Offshore/onshore offshore
Operator OMV
Partners OMV (69%), Todd Maari (16%), Horizon Oil (10%), Cue Taranaki (5%)
Field history
Start of production 2009
Estimated oil in place 49 million barrels (~6.7×10^6 t)

The Maari oilfield is an oil reservoir located 80 kilometres (50 mi) off the coast of South Taranaki, New Zealand. Maari is the second largest crude oil field in New Zealand with total reserves of 49 million barrels (7.8×10^6 m3).[1] Production of oil began in February 2009, and the field is expected to have a productive life of 10 to 15 years. The lead partner for the field is OMV New Zealand (69%), with other parties Todd Maari (16%), Horizon Oil (10%) and Cue Taranaki (5%).[2]

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