MS Awazisan Maru

Name: Awazisan Maru
Builder: Tama Shipbuilding Co.
Acquired: 1939
Fate: Sunk by allied forces
Status: Shipwreck
General characteristics
Displacement: 9,794 gross ton
Length: 476 feet (145 m)[1]
Beam: 64 feet (20 m)
Draught: 40 feet (12 m)

The Awazisan Maru, also known as Awajisan Maru or Awagisan Maru was a 9,794 gross ton freighter that was built by Tama Shipbuilding Co., Tamano for Mitsui & Co. Ltd. launched in 1939 and was notable for being the most advanced freighter of its time.[2] It was commissioned by the Imperial Japanese Navy to transport troops in World War II and was part of the Japanese Invasion of Malaya on 8 December 1941.

Along with its sister ships Ayatosan Maru and Sakura Maru, it was carrying around 5,000 troops during the landings at Kota Bharu. Awazisan Maru was bombed by a Lockheed Hudson aircraft of No. 1 Squadron RAAF, set afire and was abandoned to drift. It is believed that the freighter sunk or was subsequently torpedoed by the Dutch submarine K-XII.

The invasion of Malaya preceded the attack on Pearl Harbor by an hour and a half, making it the first Japanese campaign of World War II, likely making the Awazisan Maru the very first casualty in the war.

Awazisan Maru now lies in 20 metres (66 ft) of water off the coast of Pantai Sabak in Kota Bharu and is fast becoming a popular diving destination due to its remarkable history. It is more popularly known amongst local divers as the Japanese Invasion Wreck.


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