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MSU Faculty of Economics is a faculty of the Moscow State University. It is one of the main educational centres in Russian Federation, preparing qualified economists with broad university education.

In 2005, the faculty included 350 teachers and research associates. 62 of them hold Doctor of Sciences degree and 208 are Candidates of Sciences. There are 21 different academic departments and 14 research laboratories. The faculty also provides additional educational programs for school kids and qualified specialists.

Dean of the faculty - professor V.P. Kolesov (re-elected in 2009).


The faculty was founded in 1941. It was a symbol of optimism and future prosperity of Russia in the post-war period. I.D.Udaltsov became the first dean of the faculty (1941–1955).

At first year, there were only 28 students, 6 teachers and only one academic department - of political economy. The main goal of the enterprise was to prepare qualified specialists for science and management purposes. By mid-50s some new academic departments emerged and yearly intake rose to approximately 50 students.

At next decade, during the Khrushchev Thaw, the faculty started to pay more attention to applied disciplines and new ways for improving the economic system. The intake rose to 100 students per year.

Next period, mid-60s - mid-80s, the faculty expands further to 200 students per year.

At mid-80s, there were significants changes due to new economic policy of Perestroika. Many new departments were founded during this period, including "Finance and Credit" department. MSU Faculty of Economics became the first major educational body to introduce the new system of academic degrees: bachelor and master. It helped to become more close to international community but possibly launched a conflict with the traditional Russian educational system.

In 90s, MSU Faculty of Economics has flourished due to economic liberalization and became one of the most desired places to study in (in Russia). The yearly intake gradually increased to 350 students.

In 2009, MSU Faculty of Economics moved to a brand new building. Alexander Zhukov, Viktor Sadovnichiy and Vasily Kolesov attended the Official Opening Ceremony.

Taught programs

There are two major undergraduate programs:

Entry standards for the programs are very high and usually presume excellent pre-university education. Tuition fees can be waived for exceptionally good candidates.

Tuition fees

Tuition fees 2009/10 are 275 000 rubles for Economics and 310 000 rubles for Management. Tuition fees are fixed for the whole 4-year education period.

International partners

Faculty of Economics maintains good relations with many universities all over the world. Collaboration of the universities includes various exchange programs for students and teachers.

As of 2009, MSU Faculty of Economics signed cooperation agreements with the following international partners:

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