Developer(s) MSC Software Corp. (MSC)
Stable release
2014 (2014)
Operating system Linux and Microsoft Windows
Type CAE software
License proprietary software

ADAMS (acronym of Automated Dynamic Analysis of Mechanical Systems) is a multibody dynamics simulation software equipped with Fortran and C++ numerical solvers. ADAMS was originally developed by Mechanical Dynamics Incorporation which then was acquired by MSC Software Corporation. Adams has been proved as very essential to VPD (Virtual Prototype Development) through reducing product time to market and product development costs.

MSC Software generally supports the two operating systems Linux and Microsoft Windows.[1]

Base Modules

Extended Simulations

Several additional modules sold separately are available for extended functionality.

Other Software Products Interoperability

Adams/Controls is very well integrated into MathWorks' Simulink by some S-functions. A closed loop between Simulink and Adams/Controls makes simulation of non LTI systems very simple. A non-linear time variable model of plant is modeled within ADAMS/Controls and its behaviour is reported to Simulink via Named pipe or TCP/IP communication as feedback, whereby analysed by some controller within Simulink and through some actuators act upon ADAMS/Controls plant in the same communication scheme.

Also through control export mechanism, ADAMS/Control can provide MATLAB's Control System Toolbox with a state space model of system under study to be used further for design of controller.

Adams also supports importing a compiled DLL (or .so file on Linux) version of the Simulink model. The Simulink model is built using Simulink Coder (formerly Real-Time Workshop).

Similar approach is supported with Easy5, a 1-D solution from MSC Software.

Since Adams 2013.1, Functional Mock-up Interface has been supported. It is an open standard interface intended for coupling tools from different vendors for Model Exchange and Co-simulation. Adams supports FMI Co-simulation mode only up until version 2014.

Adams is highly integrated with Actran time-domain solver for chained simulation analyses of moving mechanisms such as gearbox run-up and impact noise studies such as door latch mechanisms.

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