List of MPs elected in the United Kingdom general election, 1945

36th Parliament (1931)
37th Parliament (1935)
38th Parliament (1945)
39th Parliament (1950)
40th Parliament (1951)

This is a complete list of Members of Parliament elected to the 38th Parliament of the United Kingdom at the 1945 general election, held on 5 July 1945. See also, Constituency election results in the United Kingdom general election, 1945.

Notable newcomers to the House of Commons included Michael Stewart, George Brown, Hartley Shawcross, Barbara Castle, Bessie Braddock, Richard Crossman, Michael Foot, George Thomas, George Wigg, Woodrow Wyatt, Harold Wilson, James Callaghan, Hugh Gaitskell, Derick Heathcoat-Amory and Selwyn Lloyd.

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Aberavon William Cove Labour
Aberdare George Hall Labour
Aberdeen North Hector Hughes Labour
Aberdeen South Sir Douglas Thomson, Bt Conservative
Aberdeenshire Central Henry Spence Conservative
Aberdeenshire East Robert Boothby Conservative
Aberdeenshire West and Kincardine Colin Thornton-Kemsley Conservative
Abertillery George Daggar Labour
Abingdon Sir Ralph Glyn, Bt Conservative
Accrington Walter Scott-Elliot Labour
Acton Joseph Sparks Labour
Aldershot Oliver Lyttelton Conservative
Altrincham and Sale Frederick Erroll Conservative
Anglesey Lady Megan Lloyd George Liberal
(Two members)
Hon. Sir Hugh O'Neill Ulster Unionist
Samuel Gillmor Haughton Ulster Unionist
Argyllshire Duncan McCallum Conservative
Armagh Sir William Allen Ulster Unionist
Ashford Edward Percy Smith Conservative
Ashton-under-Lyne Sir William Jowitt Labour
Aylesbury Sir Stanley Reed Conservative
Ayr Burghs Thomas Moore Conservative
Ayrshire North and Bute Sir Charles MacAndrew Conservative
Ayrshire South Alexander Sloan Labour
Balham and Tooting Richard Adams Labour
Banbury Douglas Dodds-Parker Conservative
Banff Sir William Duthie Conservative
Barking Somerville Hastings Labour
Barkston Ash Leonard Ropner Conservative
Barnard Castle Sydney Lavers Labour
Barnet Stephen Taylor Labour
Barnsley Frank Collindridge Labour
Barnstaple Christopher Peto Conservative
Barrow-in-Furness Walter Monslow Labour
Basingstoke Patrick Donner Conservative
Bassetlaw Frederick Bellenger Labour
Bath James Pitman Conservative
Batley and Morley Hubert Beaumont Labour
Battersea North Francis Douglas Labour
Battersea South Caroline Ganley Labour Co-op
Bedford Thomas Skeffington-Lodge Labour
Bedfordshire Mid Alan Lennox-Boyd Conservative
Bedwellty Sir Charles Edwards Labour
Belfast, East Thomas Loftus Cole Ulster Unionist
Belfast, North William Frederick Neill Ulster Unionist
Belfast, South Conolly Gage Ulster Unionist
Belfast, West Jack Beattie Northern Ireland Labour
Belper George Brown Labour
Bermondsey West Richard Sargood Labour
Berwick and Haddington John Robertson Labour
Berwick-on-Tweed Robert Thorp Conservative
Bethnal Green North-East Daniel Chater Labour Co-op
Bethnal Green South-West Percy Holman Labour Co-op
Bewdley Roger Conant Conservative
Bexley Jennie Adamson Labour
Birkenhead East Frank Soskice Labour
Birkenhead West Percy Collick Labour
Birmingham Acock's Green Henry Usborne Labour
Birmingham Aston Woodrow Wyatt Labour
Birmingham Deritend Fred Longden Labour Co-op
Birmingham Duddeston Edith Wills Labour Co-op
Birmingham Edgbaston Sir Peter Bennett Conservative
Birmingham Erdington Julius Silverman Labour
Birmingham Handsworth Harold Roberts Conservative
Birmingham King's Norton Raymond Blackburn Labour
Birmingham Ladywood Victor Yates Labour
Birmingham Moseley Sir Patrick Hannon Conservative
Birmingham Sparkbrook Percy Shurmer Labour
Birmingham West Charles Simmons Labour
Birmingham Yardley Wesley Perrins Labour
Bishop Auckland Hugh Dalton Labour
(Two members)
John Edwards Labour
Barbara Castle Labour
Blackpool North Toby Low Conservative
Blackpool South Roland Robinson Conservative
Blaydon William Whiteley Labour
Bodmin Douglas Marshall Conservative
(Two members)
Jack Jones Labour
John Lewis Labour
Bootle John Kinley Labour
Bosworth Arthur Allen Labour
Bothwell John Timmons Labour
Bournemouth Sir Leonard Lyle, Bt. Conservative
Bow and Bromley Charles Key Labour
Bradford Central Maurice Webb Labour
Bradford East Frank McLeavy Labour
Bradford North Muriel Nichol Labour
Bradford South Meredith Titterington Labour Co-op
Brecon and Radnor Tudor Watkins Labour
Brentford and Chiswick Francis Noel-Baker Labour
Bridgwater Vernon Bartlett Indep. Progressive
Brigg Tom Williamson Labour
(Two members)
William Teeling Conservative
Anthony Marlowe Conservative
Bristol Central Stan Awbery Labour
Bristol East Hon. Sir Stafford Cripps Labour
Bristol North Will Coldrick Labour Co-op
Bristol South Will Wilkins Labour
Bristol West Hon. Oliver Stanley Conservative
Brixton Marcus Lipton Labour
Bromley Sir Edward Campbell, Bt Conservative
Broxtowe Seymour Cocks Labour
Buckingham Aidan Crawley Labour
Bucklow William Shepherd Conservative
Buckrose George Wadsworth Liberal
Burnley Wilfrid Burke Labour
Burslem Albert Edward Davies Labour
Burton Arthur William Lyne Labour
Bury Walter Fletcher Conservative
Bury St. Edmunds Geoffrey Clifton-Brown Conservative
Caerphilly Ness Edwards Labour
Caithness and Sutherland Eric Gandar Dower Conservative
Camberwell North Cecil Manning Labour
Camberwell North West Freda Corbet Labour
Camborne Peter Agnew Conservative
Cambridge Arthur Symonds Labour
Cambridge University
(Two members)
Kenneth Pickthorn Conservative
Wilson Harris Independent
Cambridgeshire Albert Stubbs Labour
Cannock Jennie Lee Labour
Canterbury John Baker White Conservative
Cardiff Central George Thomas Labour
Cardiff East Hilary Marquand Labour
Cardiff South James Callaghan Labour
Cardiganshire Roderic Bowen Liberal
Carlisle Edgar Grierson Labour
Carmarthen Rhys Hopkin Morris Liberal
Carnarvon Boroughs David Price-White Conservative
Carnarvonshire Goronwy Roberts Labour
Carshalton Antony Head Conservative
Chatham Arthur Bottomley Labour
Chelmsford Ernest Millington Common Wealth
Chelsea Allan Noble Conservative
Cheltenham Daniel Lipson Independent Conservative
Chertsey Arthur Marsden Conservative
Chesterfield George Benson Labour
Chester-le-Street Jack Lawson Labour
Chichester Hon. Lancelot Joynson-Hicks Conservative
Chippenham David Eccles Conservative
Chislehurst George Wallace Labour
Chorley Clifford Kenyon Labour
Cirencester and Tewkesbury William Morrison Conservative
City of Chester Basil Nield Conservative
City of London
(Two members)
Sir Andrew Duncan National
Sir George Broadbridge, Bt Conservative
Clapham John Battley Labour
Clay Cross Harold Neal Labour
Cleveland Octavius Willey Labour
Clitheroe Harry Randall Labour
Coatbridge Jean Mann Labour
Colchester George Smith Labour
Colne Valley Glenvil Hall Labour
Combined English Universities
(Two members)
Eleanor Rathbone Independent
Kenneth Lindsay Independent
Combined Scottish Universities
(Three members)
Sir John Anderson National
Sir John Boyd Orr Independent
Sir John Graham Kerr Conservative
Cornwall North Tom Horabin Liberal
Consett James Glanville Labour
Coventry East Richard Crossman Labour
Coventry West Maurice Edelman Labour
Crewe Scholefield Allen Labour
Croydon North Henry Willink Conservative
Croydon South David Rees-Williams Labour
Cumberland North Wilfrid Roberts Liberal
Dagenham John Parker Labour
Darlington David Hardman Labour
Dartford Norman Dodds Labour Co-op
Darwen Stanley Prescott Conservative
Daventry Reginald Manningham-Buller Conservative
Denbigh Sir Henry Morris-Jones Liberal National
Deptford John Wilmot Labour
(Two members)
Clifford Wilcock Labour
Philip Noel-Baker Labour
Derbyshire North East Henry White Labour
Derbyshire South Arthur Champion Labour
Derbyshire West Charles Frederick White Labour
Devizes Christopher Hollis Conservative
Dewsbury William Paling Labour
Doncaster Evelyn Walkden Labour
Don Valley Tom Williams Labour
Dorset East Mervyn Wheatley Conservative
Dorset North Frank Byers Liberal
Dorset South Viscount Hinchingbrooke Conservative
Dorset West Simon Wingfield Digby Conservative
Dover John Thomas Labour
(Two members)
James Little Independent Ulster Unionist
Sir Walter Dorling Smiles Ulster Unionist
Dudley George Wigg Labour
Dulwich Wilfrid Vernon Labour
Dumbarton Burghs David Kirkwood Labour
Dumfriesshire Niall Macpherson Liberal National
Dunbartonshire Adam McKinlay Labour
(Two members)
Thomas Cook Labour
John Strachey Labour
Dunfermline Burghs William McLean Watson Labour
Durham Charles Grey Labour
Ealing East Sir Frank Sanderson, Bt Conservative
Ealing West James Hindle Hudson Labour Co-op
Eastbourne Charles Taylor Conservative
East Grinstead Ralph Stephenson Clarke Conservative
East Ham North Percy Daines Labour Co-op
East Ham South Alfred Barnes Labour Co-op
Ebbw Vale Aneurin Bevan Labour
Eccles William Proctor Labour
Eddisbury Sir John Barlow, Bt Liberal National
Edinburgh Central Andrew Gilzean Labour
Edinburgh East Frederick Pethick-Lawrence Labour
Edinburgh North George Willis Labour
Edinburgh South Sir William Darling Conservative
Edinburgh West Ian Clark Hutchison Conservative
Edmonton Evan Durbin Labour
Elland Frederick Arthur Cobb Labour
Enfield Ernest Davies Labour
Epping Leah Manning Labour
Epsom Sir Archibald Southby, Bt Conservative
Essex South East Ray Gunter Labour
Eton and Slough Benn Levy Labour
Evesham Rupert de la Bère Conservative
Exeter John Cyril Maude Conservative
Eye Edgar Granville Liberal
Fareham Sir Dymoke White, Bt Conservative
Farnham Godfrey Nicholson Conservative
Farnworth George Tomlinson Labour
Faversham Percy Wells Labour
Fermanagh and Tyrone
(Two members)
Patrick Cunningham Irish Nationalist
Anthony Mulvey Irish Nationalist
Fife East James Henderson-Stewart Liberal National
Fife West Willie Gallacher Communist
Finchley John Crowder Conservative
Finsbury John Platts-Mills Labour
Flintshire Nigel Birch Conservative
Forest of Dean Morgan Philips Price Labour
Forfarshire Hon. Simon Ramsay Conservative
Frome Walter Farthing Labour
Fulham East Michael Stewart Labour
Fulham West Edith Summerskill Labour
Fylde Claude Lancaster Conservative
Gainsborough Harry Crookshank Conservative
Galloway John Mackie Independent Conservative
Gateshead Konni Zilliacus Labour
Gillingham Joseph Binns Labour
Glasgow Bridgeton James Maxton Independent Labour Party
Glasgow Camlachie Campbell Stephen Independent Labour Party
Glasgow Cathcart Francis Beattie Conservative
Glasgow Central James Hutchison Conservative
Glasgow Gorbals George Buchanan Labour
Glasgow Govan Neil Maclean Labour
Glasgow Hillhead James Reid Conservative
Glasgow Kelvingrove John Lloyd Williams Labour
Glasgow Maryhill William Hannan Labour
Glasgow Partick Arthur Young Conservative
Glasgow Pollok Thomas Dunlop Galbraith Conservative
Glasgow St. Rollox William Leonard Labour Co-op
Glasgow Shettleston John McGovern Independent Labour Party
Glasgow Springburn John Forman Labour Co-op
Glasgow Tradeston John Rankin Labour Co-op
Gloucester Moss Turner-Samuels Labour
Gower David Grenfell Labour
Grantham William Denis Kendall Independent
Gravesend Garry Allighan Labour
Great Yarmouth Ernest Kinghorn Labour
Greenock Hector McNeil Labour
Greenwich Joseph Reeves Labour
Grimsby Kenneth Younger Labour
Guildford Sir John Jarvis, Bt Conservative
Hackney Central Harry Hynd Labour
Hackney North Henry Edwin Goodrich Labour
Hackney South Herbert Butler Labour
Halifax Dryden Brook Labour
Hamilton Tom Fraser Labour
Hammersmith North D. N. Pritt Independent Labour
Hammersmith South William Thomas Adams Labour Co-op
Hampstead Charles Challen Conservative
Hanley Barnett Stross Labour
Harborough Humphrey Cooper Attewell Labour
Harrow East Frederick Skinnard Labour
Harrow West Norman Bower Conservative
The Hartlepools David Thomas Jones Labour
Harwich Sir Stanley Holmes Liberal National
Hastings Neill Cooper-Key Conservative
Hemel Hempstead The Viscountess Davidson Conservative
Hemsworth George Griffiths Labour
Hendon North Barbara Ayrton-Gould Labour
Hendon South Sir Hugh Lucas-Tooth, Bt Conservative
Henley Sir Gifford Fox, Bt Conservative
Hereford James Thomas Conservative
Hertford Derek Walker-Smith Conservative
Heston and Isleworth William Richard Williams Labour
Hexham Douglas Clifton Brown Conservative
Heywood and Radcliffe John Whittaker Labour
High Peak Hugh Molson Conservative
Hitchin Philip Asterley Jones Labour
Holborn Hon. Max Aitken Conservative
Holderness Gurney Braithwaite Conservative
Holland-with-Boston Herbert Butcher Liberal National
Honiton Cedric Drewe Conservative
Horncastle John Maitland Conservative
Hornchurch Geoffrey Bing Labour
Hornsey David Gammans Conservative
Horsham The Earl Winterton Conservative
Houghton-le-Spring Billy Blyton Labour
Howdenshire Clifford Glossop Conservative
Huddersfield Joseph Mallalieu Labour
Hull Central Mark Hewitson × Labour
Hull East Harry Pursey Labour
Hull North West Kim Mackay Labour
Hull South West Sydney Herbert Smith Labour
Huntingdonshire David Renton Liberal National
Hythe Harry Mackeson Conservative
Ilford, North Mabel Ridealgh Labour Co-op
Ilford, South Jim Ranger Labour
Ilkeston George Oliver Labour
Ince Tom Brown Labour
Inverness Sir Murdo Macdonald Indep. National Liberal
Ipswich Richard Stokes Labour
Isle of Ely Harry Legge-Bourke Conservative
Isle of Thanet Hon. Edward Carson Conservative
Isle of Wight Peter Macdonald Conservative
Islington East Eric Fletcher Labour
Islington North Leslie Haden Guest Labour
Islington South William Sampson Cluse Labour
Islington West Frederick Montague Labour
Jarrow Ellen Wilkinson Labour
Keighley Ivor Thomas Labour
Kennington Charles Gibson Labour
Kensington North George Rogers Labour
Kensington South Sir William Davison Conservative
Kettering Gilbert Mitchison Labour
Kidderminster Louis Tolley Labour
Kilmarnock Clarice Shaw Labour
King's Lynn Frederick Wise Labour
Kingston-upon-Thames John Boyd-Carpenter Conservative
Kingswinford Arthur Henderson Labour
Kinross & West Perthshire William McNair Snadden Conservative
Kirkcaldy Burghs Thomas Hubbard Labour
Knutsford Walter Bromley-Davenport Conservative
Lambeth North George Strauss Labour
Lanark Tom Steele Labour
Lanarkshire North Margaret Herbison Labour
Lancaster Fitzroy Maclean Conservative
Leeds Central George Porter Labour
Leeds North Osbert Peake Conservative
Leeds North East Alice Bacon Labour
Leeds South Hugh Gaitskell Labour
Leeds South East James Milner Labour
Leeds West Tom Stamford Labour
Leek Harold Davies Labour
Leicester East Terence Donovan Labour
Leicester South Bert Bowden Labour
Leicester West Barnett Janner Labour
Leigh Harold Boardman Labour
Leith James Hoy Labour
Leominster Archer Baldwin Conservative
Lewes Tufton Beamish Conservative
Lewisham East Herbert Morrison Labour
Lewisham West Arthur Skeffington Labour
Leyton East Albert Bechervaise Labour
Leyton West Reginald Sorensen Labour
Lichfield Cecil Charles Poole Labour
Lincoln George Deer Labour
Linlithgowshire George Mathers Labour
Liverpool East Toxteth Patrick Buchan-Hepburn Conservative
Liverpool Edge Hill Richard Clitherow Labour
Liverpool Everton Bertie Kirby Labour
Liverpool Exchange Bessie Braddock Labour
Liverpool Fairfield Arthur Moody Labour
Liverpool Kirkdale William Keenan Labour
Liverpool Scotland David Logan Labour
Liverpool Walton James Haworth Labour
Liverpool Wavertree Victor Raikes Conservative
Liverpool West Derby Sir David Maxwell Fyfe Conservative
Liverpool West Toxteth Joseph Gibbins Labour
Llandaff and Barry Lynn Ungoed-Thomas Labour
Llanelly Jim Griffiths Labour
London University Sir Ernest Graham-Little Independent
Londonderry Sir Ronald Ross, Bt Ulster Unionist
Lonsdale Sir Ian Fraser Conservative
Loughborough Mont Follick Labour
Louth Cyril Osborne Conservative
Lowestoft Edward Evans Labour
Ludlow Uvedale Corbett Conservative
Luton William Warbey Labour
Macclesfield Arthur Vere Harvey Conservative
Maidstone Alfred Bossom Conservative
Maldon Tom Driberg Labour
Manchester Ardwick Joseph Henderson Labour
Manchester Blackley Jack Diamond Labour
Manchester Clayton Harry Thorneycroft Labour
Manchester Exchange Harold Lever Labour
Manchester Gorton William Oldfield Labour
Manchester Hulme Frederick Lee Labour
Manchester Moss Side William Griffiths Labour
Manchester Platting Hugh Delargy Labour
Manchester Rusholme Lester Hutchinson Labour
Manchester Withington Edward Fleming Conservative
Mansfield Bernard Taylor Labour
Melton Anthony Nutting Conservative
Merioneth Emrys Roberts Liberal
Merthyr S. O. Davies Labour
Middlesbrough East Alfred Edwards Labour
Middlesbrough West Geoffrey Cooper Labour
Middleton and Prestwich Ernest Gates Conservative
Midlothian North Lord John Hope Conservative
Midlothian South and Peebles David Pryde Labour
Mitcham Tom Braddock Labour
Monmouth Leslie Pym Conservative
Montgomery Clement Davies Liberal
Montrose Burghs Hon. John Maclay Liberal National
Moray & Nairn Hon. James Stuart Conservative
Morpeth Robert Taylor Labour
Mossley George Woods Labour Co-op
Motherwell Alexander Anderson Labour
Neath D. J. Williams Labour
Nelson and Colne Sydney Silverman Labour
Newark Sidney Shephard Conservative
Newbury Anthony Hurd Conservative
Newcastle-under-Lyme John Mack Labour
Newcastle-upon-Tyne Central Lyall Wilkes Labour
Newcastle-upon-Tyne East Arthur Blenkinsop Labour
Newcastle-upon-Tyne North Sir Cuthbert Headlam, Bt Conservative
Newcastle-upon-Tyne West Ernest Popplewell Labour
New Forest and Christchurch Oliver Crosthwaite-Eyre Conservative
Newport Peter Freeman Labour
Newton Sir Robert Young Labour
Norfolk East Frank Medlicott Liberal National
Norfolk North Edwin Gooch Labour
Norfolk South Christopher Mayhew Labour
Norfolk South-West Sidney Dye Labour
Normanton Tom Smith Labour
Northampton Reginald Paget Labour
Northwich John Foster Conservative
(Two members)
Lady Noel-Buxton Labour
John Paton Labour
Norwood Ron Chamberlain Labour
Nottingham Central Geoffrey de Freitas Labour
Nottingham East James Harrison Labour
Nottingham South Norman Smith Labour Co-op
Nottingham West Tom O'Brien Labour
Nuneaton Frank Bowles Labour
Ogmore Edward Williams Labour
(Two members)
Frank Fairhurst Labour
Leslie Hale Labour
Orkney and Shetland Basil Neven-Spence Conservative
Ormskirk Harold Wilson Labour
Orpington Sir Waldron Smithers Conservative
Oswestry Oliver Poole Conservative
Oxford Hon. Quintin Hogg Conservative
Oxford University
(Two members)
Sir Arthur Salter Independent
Alan Herbert Independent
Paddington North Sir Noel Mason-Macfarlane Labour
Paddington South Ernest Augustus Taylor Conservative
Paisley Viscount Corvedale Labour
Peckham Lewis Silkin Labour
Pembrokeshire Hon. Gwilym Lloyd George Liberal
Penistone Henry McGhee Labour
Penrith and Cockermouth Alan Gandar-Dower Conservative
Penryn and Falmouth Evelyn King Labour
Perth Alan Gomme-Duncan Conservative
Peterborough Stanley Tiffany Labour Co-op
Petersfield George Jeffreys Conservative
Plymouth Devonport Michael Foot Labour
Plymouth Drake Hubert Medland Labour
Plymouth Sutton Lucy Middleton Labour
Pontefract Percy Gott Barstow Labour
Pontypool Arthur Jenkins Labour
Pontypridd Arthur Pearson Labour
Poplar South William Henry Guy Labour
Portsmouth Central Julian Snow Labour
Portsmouth North Donald Bruce Labour
Portsmouth South Sir Jocelyn Lucas, Bt Conservative
(Two members)
Samuel Segal Labour
John William Sunderland Labour
Pudsey and Otley Malcolm Stoddart-Scott Conservative
Putney Hugh Linstead Conservative
Queen's University of Belfast Douglas Lloyd Savory Ulster Unionist
Reading Ian Mikardo Labour
Reigate Gordon Touche Conservative
Renfrewshire, East Guy Lloyd Conservative
Renfrewshire, West Thomas Scollan Labour
Rhondda East William Mainwaring Labour
Rhondda West William John Labour
Richmond, Surrey George Harvie-Watt Conservative
Richmond, Yorkshire Sir Thomas Dugdale, Bt Conservative
Ripon Christopher York Conservative
Rochdale Hyacinth Morgan Labour
Romford Thomas Macpherson Labour
Ross and Cromarty John MacLeod Indep. National Liberal
Rossendale George Henry Walker Labour
Rother Valley David Griffiths Labour
Rotherham William Dobbie Labour
Rotherhithe Sir Ben Smith Labour
Rothwell Thomas Brooks Labour
Roxburgh and Selkirk Lord William Montagu Douglas Scott Conservative
Royton Harold Sutcliffe Conservative
Rugby William Brown Independent
Rushcliffe Florence Paton Labour
Rutherglen Gilbert McAllister Labour
Rutland and Stamford Lord Willoughby de Eresby Conservative
Rye William Nicolson Cuthbert Conservative
Saffron Walden R. A. Butler Conservative
St Albans Cyril Dumpleton Labour
St Helens Hartley Shawcross Labour
St Ives Alec Beechman Liberal National
St Marylebone Sir Wavell Wakefield Conservative
St Pancras North George House Labour
St Pancras South East Santo Jeger Labour
St Pancras South West Haydn Davies Labour
Salford North William McAdam Labour
Salford South Edward Arthur Hardy Labour
Salford West Charles Royle Labour
Salisbury John Morrison Conservative
Scarborough and Whitby Alexander Spearman Conservative
Seaham Manny Shinwell Labour
Sedgefield John Leslie Labour
Sevenoaks Charles Ponsonby Conservative
Sheffield, Attercliffe John Burns Hynd Labour
Sheffield, Brightside Fred Marshall Labour
Sheffield, Central Harry Morris Labour
Sheffield, Ecclesall Peter Roberts Conservative
Sheffield, Hallam Roland Jennings Conservative
Sheffield, Hillsborough A. V. Alexander Labour Co-op
Sheffield, Park Thomas Burden Labour
Shipley Arthur Creech Jones Labour
Shoreditch Ernest Thurtle Labour
Shrewsbury John Langford-Holt Conservative
Skipton Burnaby Drayson Conservative
Smethwick Alfred Dobbs Labour
Solihull Martin Lindsay Conservative
Southall Walter Ayles Labour
(Two members)
Ralph Morley Labour
Tommy Lewis Labour
Southend-on-Sea Henry Channon Conservative
South Molton Hon. George Lambert Liberal National
Southport Robert Hudson Conservative
South Shields James Chuter Ede Labour
Southwark Central John Hanbury Martin Labour
Southwark North George Isaacs Labour
Southwark South East Thomas Ellis Naylor Labour
Sowerby John Belcher Labour
Spelthorne George Pargiter Labour
Spennymoor James Dixon Murray Labour
Spen Valley Granville Maynard Sharp Labour
Stafford Stephen Swingler Labour
Stalybridge and Hyde Gordon Lang Labour
Stepney Limehouse Clement Attlee Labour
Stepney Mile End Phil Piratin Communist
Stirling and Falkirk Joseph Westwood Labour
Stirlingshire East and Clackmannan Arthur Woodburn Labour
Stirlingshire West Alfred Balfour Labour
(Two members)
Sir Arnold Gridley Conservative
Norman Hulbert Conservative
Stockton on Tees George Chetwynd Labour
Stoke Newington David Weitzman Labour
Stoke-on-Trent Ellis Smith Labour
Stone Hugh Fraser Conservative
Stourbridge Arthur Moyle Labour
Streatham David Robertson Conservative
Stretford Herschel Lewis Austin Labour
Stroud Ben Parkin Labour
Sudbury Roland Hamilton Labour
(Two members)
Frederick Willey Labour
Richard Ewart Labour
Surrey East Hon. Michael Astor Conservative
Sutton and Cheam Sydney Marshall Conservative
Sutton Coldfield Sir John Mellor, Bt Conservative
Swansea East David Mort Labour
Swansea West Percy Morris Labour
Swindon Thomas Reid Labour
Taunton Victor Collins Labour
Tavistock Henry Studholme Conservative
Thirsk and Malton Robin Turton Conservative
Thornbury Joseph Alpass Labour
Thurrock Leslie Solley Labour
Tiverton Derick Heathcoat-Amory Conservative
Tonbridge Gerald Wellington Williams Conservative
Torquay Charles Williams Conservative
Totnes Ralph Rayner Conservative
Tottenham North Robert Morrison Labour Co-op
Tottenham South Frederick Messer Labour
Twickenham Edward Keeling Conservative
Tynemouth Grace Colman Labour
University of Wales William John Gruffydd Liberal
Uxbridge Frank Beswick Labour Co-op
Wakefield Arthur Greenwood Labour
Wallasey Ernest Marples Conservative
Wallsend John McKay Labour
Walsall William Wells Labour
Walthamstow East Harry Wallace Labour
Walthamstow West Valentine McEntee Labour
Wandsworth Central Ernest Bevin Labour
Wansbeck Alfred Robens Labour
Warrington Edward Porter Labour
Warwick and Leamington Anthony Eden Conservative
Waterloo Malcolm Bullock Conservative
Watford John Freeman Labour
Wednesbury Stanley Evans Labour
Wellingborough George Lindgren Labour
Wells Dennis Coleridge Boles Conservative
Wembley North Charles Hobson Labour
Wembley South Clarence Barton Labour
Wentworth Wilfred Paling Labour
West Bromwich John Dugdale Labour
West Ham Plaistow Elwyn Jones Labour
West Ham Silvertown Louis Comyns Labour
West Ham Stratford Henry Nicholls Labour
West Ham Upton Arthur Lewis Labour
Westbury Robert Grimston Conservative
Western Isles Malcolm Macmillan Labour
Westhoughton Rhys Davies Labour
Westminster Abbey Sir Harold Webbe Conservative
Westminster St George's Arthur Howard Conservative
Westmorland William Fletcher-Vane Conservative
Weston-super-Mare Ian Orr-Ewing Conservative
Whitechapel Walter Edwards Labour
Whitehaven Frank Anderson Labour
Widnes Christopher Shawcross Labour
Wigan William Foster Labour
Willesden East Maurice Orbach Labour
Willesden West Samuel Viant Labour
Wimbledon Arthur Palmer Labour
Winchester George Jeger Labour
Windsor Charles Mott-Radclyffe Conservative
Wirral Selwyn Lloyd Conservative
Wolverhampton Bilston Will Nally Labour Co-op
Wolverhampton East John Baird Labour
Wolverhampton West Billy Hughes Labour
Woodbridge Hon. John Hare Conservative
Woodford Winston Churchill Conservative
Wood Green Sir Beverley Baxter Conservative
Woolwich East George Hicks Labour
Woolwich West Henry Berry Labour
Worcester Hon. George Ward Conservative
Workington Fred Peart Labour
Worthing Otho Prior-Palmer Conservative
The Wrekin Ivor Owen Thomas Labour
Wrexham Robert Richards Labour
Wycombe John Haire Labour
Yeovil William Kingsmill Conservative
York John Corlett Labour

° Sir Edward Campbell died on 17 July and Leslie Pym died on 18 July before the poll was announced. By-elections were held in the autumn
× The sitting MP for Hull, Central, Walter Windsor, died during the election campaign. Mark Hewitson was elected in a postponed poll in August.


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