M10 (panel building)

M10 with original facade in Magdeburg Neustädter

M10 is a type of a residential panel building in East Germany. The M stands for Magdeburg where they have been built since the early 1970s.


Schematic floor plan of the M10

The plate type M10 was mostly built in pairs, that is a building of two entrance, each with 40 residential units. The floor plans are organized so that each floor of either two 4-bedroom apartments (outside) and two 1-bedroom apartments (inside) or two 3-bedroom apartments (outside) and two 2-bedroom apartments (inside) together. There are four balconies at each entrance of the entrance opposite side. Depending on the type of apartment they are the 2/3/4 assigned room apartments . The inside of the bathrooms are smaller flats from the series of P2 and could be used with all ports in the existing shell of the floor. The kitchens are well on the supply of these baths is connected and accessible only through the living room. Kitchen and bathrooms of the big houses are accessible by each of the apartment hallway. They shared, however, a common window.

Apartment/flat types

1-bedroom apartments have an area of 34 m² are mostly located in the lower 4 floors in the center and are oriented in one direction only. Room and kitchen have windows that Badzelle is inside.

2-bedroom apartments - These apartments with an area of approx 51 sqm located on floors above the 1-bedroom apartments. The second room has access to a balcony and is accessed via the first room. There is no additional floor it. Kitchen and Badzelle are identical with those of 1-room apartments.

3-bedroom apartments - Flats each with about 68 m². On a long flat floor are bathroom and kitchen, a room, and at the end of the living room with access to the loggia. From the living room, another room to be developed.

4-room apartments - In addition to the one-bedroom apartments are two 4-bedroom apartments, each with about 84 m². The layout corresponds to that of 3-room apartments, but can be accessed from another room apartment hallway.


The main entrance to the building is through a porch, where the boxes were located. In addition to the inputs of a garbage room has been arranged. The ground floor is - as with all prefabricated buildings in the GDR - by half a floor raised above street level and accessible via the internal staircase. In contrast to the common type P2 were the M10 next to the stairwell always lifts to open up the levels from the basement up to the 9th Floor installed. The dwellings of the 10th Projectile are only accessible via the stairwell. A barrier-free access is available by separate ramps to the basement to the balcony of the building. On each floor there are 4 apartments. A small storage room located on each stairway landing between the gap between the elevator shaft and the outer wall. In some buildings of this type that gap has been previously used for waste disposal unit, before there was land confiscated.


Finished parts in the load level to 5.0 t

Basic grid of 3.6 x 5 m

Building depth is usually 11.4 m

Floor height is usually 2.80 m

Number of floors: 10



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