M. R. Ry.

The honorific prefix Maha Raja Rajasry or Maha Raja Raja -Shri (abbreviated to M. R. Ry or formerly M. R. Ry. Maha Raja Raja -Shry ) is a style that is used before the names of certain classes of south Indian nobility.[1][2][3][3]


The curious abbreviation[4] and title is said to be derived from Sanskrit lexicons, the title "Raja-sry" being a dyotaka (signifier) for the Kshatriya nobility and Dravidian aristocracy of south India.[5] It appears to be used before the names of all chiefs in the southern Indian princely order. For example, cases involving south Indian princes and chiefs in the Privy Council of the United Kingdom include this honorific before personal names and preceding their full title: The Zamorin of Calicut is styled as "M. R. RY. MANAVIKRAMA, ZAMORIN RAJA AVL OF CALICUT" in a Privy Council decision (LAWS(PVC)-1925-4-92)[6] and other court cases.[7][8]

It is considered similar to the title "The Most Noble" or the "The Most Honourable" used in the United Kingdom for certain higher classes of the peerage. It is by courtesy used for all higher-ranking officials of the state and stanom holders (ruling chiefs). The title is reserved for men; the spouse or consort receives no additional style.[9]

Usage examples

Younger members of the ruling families in Travancore, Cochin, and Pudukottai use the title.[10][11][12]

The diarist Ananda Ranga Pillai, also known as the "Pepys of India", was styled "M. R. Ry. Ananda Ranga Pillai Avergal" in early French documents.[13]

Many instances can be found in the London Gazette.[14][3]

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