M. G. Ramachandran filmography

The following is the filmography of M. G. Ramachandran, an Indian actor, director, and producer who was active from 1936–1991.


Year Title Studio Role Director Notes
1936 Sathi Leelavathi Manorama Films Inspector Rangaiya Naidu Ellis R. DunganA very small character for the young MGR at the time, his first step on cinema.
1936 Iru Sahodarargal Parameswari Sound Pictures The young Muslim manEllis R. Dungan Another small character for MGR.
1938 Dakshayagnam Metropolitan Pictures Lord Vishnu Raja Chadrasekhar A Tamil religious epic film. The first movie with the actor V. A. Chellappa. MGR in supporting role.
1938 Veera Jagathis V.S.Talkies Baïyan T.P.Kailasam
R. Prakash
A story in a contemporary context, that of the end of the 30s.
1939 Maya Machhindra Metropolitan Pictures Sooryakethu Raja ChadrasekharBased on the life of Matsyendranath or Machindranath - one of the eighty-four Mahasiddha
1939 Prahalada Salem Shankar Films Lord IndhiranB. N. Rao A Tamil religious epic film.
1941 Vedavathi or
Seetha Jananam
Shyamala Pictures IndhrajithT. R. RaghunathVedavathi was the Tamil title. Seetha Janam in Telugu version.
1941 Ashok Kumar Murugan Talkies Film CompanyThalabadi MahendranRaja Chadrasekhar The first movie with the actor, M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar. MGR in supporting role.
1942 Tamizhariyum Perumal Uma Pictures Sandhanam T. R. Raghunath With 22 songs.First film with M.G.R. in lead role.
1943 Dhaasippen or
Jothi Malar
Puvaneswari Pictures Guest starEllis R. Dungan Dhaasippen was the Tamil title. Jothi Malar in Telugu version.
1944 Harichandra Sri Rajarajeswari Film CompanyA ministerNaga Bushwanam The first movie with the actor, P. U. Chinnappa. MGR in supporting role.
1945 Saalivaahanan Bhaskar Pictures Vikramadityan B. N. Rao In this movie, MGR did a negative role.
1945 Meera Chandraprabha CinetoneA minister Ellis R. Dungan In supporting role.
1946 Sri Murugan Jupiter Pictures Lord Paramaçivan A.S.A.Samy The first MGR under the Jupiter Pictures banner. The Dance sequence of MGR was excellent, which paved way for becoming hero in the forthcoming year. A Tamil religious epic film.
1947 Rajakumaari Jupiter Pictures MoganA. S. A. Samy Top grosser of the year,[1] MGR plays the leading role, Mogan. He plays the character of being a good human being for second time. MGR lost the opportunity to play hero with Saya, in 1941. The second film of MGR as solo lead hero was Rajakumaari. M.N.Nambiar's first film with MGR.
1947 Paithiyakkaran N. S. K. Films Moorthy Krishnan-Panju The actress T. A. Madhuram, the wife of Tamil actor N. S. Krishnan, plays a double role, with his husband (fresh out from jail) and with MGR. MGR is the second hero.
1948 Abhimanyu Jupiter Pictures ArjunaM.Somasundaram
A. Kasilingam
He played the signature character of Arjuna'. The movie fell behind schedule but outcome was good.
1948 Raja Mukthi Narendra Pictures Mahendra Varman
Raja Chadrasekhar
MGR was the second lead hero in this movie. The actress P. Bhanumathi and V.N.Janaki both are not partner with MGR and instead both are paired with the actor, M. K. Thyagaraja Bhagavathar.
1948 Mohini Jupiter PicturesCommander Vijay KumarLanka Sathiyam Inspired from The Two Gentlemen of Verona by the English poet William Shakespeare and a Persian folk tale, "The Magic Horse" to create Mohini. MGR and V. N. Janaki paired first time and it had successful run in all major cities. Top grosser of the year. T.S.Balaih plays the main hero opposite Madhuri Devi. Cemented his place as the superstar. He remained highest paid male actor from 1948 to 1977.
1949 Ratnakumar Murugan Talkies Film CompanyBâladevan Krishnan-Panju This is the first Tamil movie for the actress P. Bhanumathi as the main female lead. She is not paired with MGR. Bhanumathi was paired with the actor P. U. Chinnappa.MGR in supporting role.
1950 Marudhanaattu Ilavarasi G.Govindan & Co.Kandeeban A. Kasilingam MGR is in main lead for 9th time but this is 3rd film with MGR as solo lead hero. Top grosser of the year. The story and dialogues of this movie were by the Kalaignair M. Karunanidhi.
1950 Manthiri Kumari Modern TheatresGeneral Veera MohanEllis R. Dungan Top grosser of the year.[1] The first MGR under the Modern Theatres Limited banner.
1951 Marmayogi Jupiter Pictures Prince Karigalan K. Ramnoth Top grosser of the year.[1] The film is a loose adaptation of Vendetta!, a novel written by Marie Corelli and William Shakespeare's tragedy, Hamlet.
1951 Ekta Raja Jupiter Pictures Prince Karigalan K. Ramnoth Hindi dubbed version of Marmayogi.
1951 Sarvadhikari Modern TheatresChevalier Pradap Veeran T. R. Sundaram Adaptation of Le Chevalier belle-épée, an American swashbuckler film.
1952 Andhaman Kaidhi Radhakrishna Films Nataraj V. Krishnan In the background, the Partition of 1947
1952 Kumaari R.Padmanabhan-RajeswariVijayan R. Padmanaban The first K. V. Mahadevan 's music composition for MGR 's movie.
1952 En Thangai Asoka Pictures Râdjandhiran Ch. Narayana Murthy Completed 350-day run in Ceylon box office[2]
Top grosser of the year.[1] MGR dies at the last. Remade in 1959 in Hindi as Chhoti Bahen
Remade in 1967 in Kannada as Onde Balliya Hoogalu and in Telugu as Aada Paduchu.
1953 Naam Jupiter-Mekala Pictures Kumaran A. Kasilingham This movie was a big challenge for MGR, in terms of acting but he succeeded.
1953 Genova Chandra Pictures Cibréça F. Nagoor The unique raid of MGR in Malayalam film industry.Top grosser of the year.
1953 Jenova Chandra Pictures Cibréça F. Nagoor Tamil remake of Genova released two months after the Malayalam original.Top grosser of the year.
1954 Panakkaari Uma Pictures Officer Soundher K. S. Gopalakrishnan Adaptation of Anna Karenina by the Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy.
1954 Malaikkallan Pakshiraja Studios Malai Kalan alias Abdul Rahim alias Kumaradevan S. M. Sriramulu Naidu Released in six languages
Top grosser of the year. The first highest collection of Rs.92.00 lakhs, which was beaten by Madurai Veeran in 1956 (More than Rs.1.00 crore).[1]
1954 Koondukkili R. R. Pictures Thangaraj T. R. Ramanna Only film where MGR acted with Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan. The first collaboration with the director T. R. Ramanna under his production company R. R. Pictures with MGR.
1955 Gulebakavali R. R. Pictures Dhâssan T. R. Ramanna It's a Persian fairy tales way.First collaboration of MGR with music director duo Viswanthan-Ramamoorty
1956 Alibabavum 40 Thirudargalum Modern TheatresAli Baba T. R. Sundaram The first Tamil colour film (Géva color). MGR was the first Tamil colour hero. Based on One Thousand and One Nights.
1956 Madurai Veeran Krishna Pictures Veeran D. Yoganand Top grosser of the year[1] Silver Jubilee hit and it ran more than 100 days in 40 theatres, which was unbeaten for black and white movie till date. Second movie with MGR dying in the end.
1956 Thaikkupin Tharam Devar Films Muthaiyan M. A. Thirumugam The first association MGR-Chinnappa Devar under his banner, Devar Films.
1957 Chakravarthi Thirumagal Uma Pictures Udhaiya Suriya P. Neelakantan Top grosser of the year[1] The first collaboration between director P. Neelakantan and MGR.
1957 Raja Rajan Neela Productions Prince Rajarajan T. R. Sundaram
1957 Pudhumai Pithan Sivakami Pictures Prince Jeevagan T. R. Ramanna The story of this movie was by The Kalaignair M. Karunanidhi.
1957 Mahadhevi Sri Ganesh Movietone General Vallavan Sundar Rao Nadkarni Approximately midway of the movie, MGR, for the first time, was wearing a wig.
1958 Nadodi Mannan Emgeeyaar Pictures Ltd King Marthandan & Veerangan M. G. Ramachandran Also for the first time director & producer
Longest MGR film ever (CBFC certified film length - 19.83 km)[3]
Top grosser of the year[1]
MGR's first industrial record beat Chandralekha
Adaptation of The Prisoner of Zenda and also Viva Zapata!
Completed 200-day run at the box office.[2] The first combination MGR - B.Sarodja Devi.
1959 Thaai Magalukku Kattiya Thaali Kalpana Kala MandirKanagu R. R. Chandiran Only film starred with Jamuna. The story by The Arignair C. N. Annadurai.
1960 Baghdad Thirudan Southern Movies Ali T. P. Sundaram Only film starred with Vyjayanthimala. It's a Persian fairy tales way. Top grosser of the year.
1960 Raja Desingu Krishna Pictures King Desingu & Dawood Khan T. R. Raghunath Starred with the Latchiya Nadigar S. S. Rajendran.
1960 Mannadhi Mannan Natesh Art Pictures Prince Manivannan M. Natesan A wonderful opening title song in the glory of All Dravidians and more, swashbuckler film.
1961 Arasilangkumari Jupiter PicturesArivazhagan A. S. A. Sami
A. Kasilingam
The last movie for MGR under the banner of Jupiter Pictures. Adaptation of Scaramouche.
1961 Thirudadhe A.L.S.Bâlu P. Neelakantan Top grosser of the year[1]
1961 Sabaash Mapillai Ragavan Productions Vâssu S. Raghavan
1961 Nallavan Vazhvan Arasu Pictures Muthu P. Neelakantan Script & dialogues by the Arignair C. N. Annadurai.
1961 Thaai Sollai Thattadhe Devar Films Police officer Râdju M. A. Thirumugam An other adventure under Devar Films, the first one of the 60s and of a long list.
1962 Raani Samyuktha Saraswathy Pictures PrithiveerâdjanD. Yoganand A Tamil swashbuckler film. Best camera (photography) in chasing Prithiviraj and the Raja Jaisingh army while carrying away Samyuktha.
1962 Maadappura B. V. N. Productions Râmu S. A. Subbaraman Produced by B. Vallinayakam, filmmaker A. V. Meiyappan's brother-in-law.
1962 Thaayai Kaatha Thanayan Devar Films Hunter Sékhar M. A. Thirumugam Top grosser of the year
1962 Kudumba Thalaivan Devar Films Vâssu M. A. Thirumugam Two brothers love the same woman, a dramatic love triangle !
1962 Paasam R. R. Pictures Gôbhi T. R. Ramanna MGR dies at the end for second time after En Thangai.
1962 Vikramaadhithan Bharat Productions King Vikramaadhithan T. R. Raghunath
N. S. Ramadas
A Tamil swashbuckler film.
1963 Panathottam Saravana Films Selvam K. Shankar The first MGR film under Saravana Films and with the director K. Shankar.
1963 Koduthu Vaithaval E.V.R.Pictures Murugan alias building contractor Selvam P. Neelakantan The first combination MGR - P. Neelakantan - K. V. Mahadevan, of a total of 3 movies
1963 Dharmam Thalai Kaakkum Devar Films Doctor ChandiranSandow M. M. A. Chinnappa ThevarM. A. Thirumugam]] A Thriller film
1963 Kalai Arasi Sarodi Brothers Mohan & E.T.Komali (Joker) A. Kasilingam The first Science fiction film of Indian Cinema Industry
1963 Periya Idathu Penn R. R. Pictures Azhagappan alias farmer MurugappanT. R. Ramanna Top grosser of the year.
1963 Anandha Jodhi Hariharan Films School teacher Anand V. N. Reddy Only film starred with Devika, the actor P. S. Veerappa was the producer in this MGR's movie.
1963 Needhikkuppin Paasam Devar Films Advocat Gopal M. A. Thirumugam Best court scene by both Brothers.
1963 Kaanchi Thalaivan Mekala Pictures Naracimapalavar A. Kasilingam Starred with The Latchiya Nadigar S.S. Rajendran.
1963 Parisu Gowri Pictures Undercover police officer Vénu D. Yoganand The second adventure with Savitri, third and last staged by D. Yoganand for MGR.
1964 Vettaikaaran Devar Films Bâbu, hunter M. A. ThirumugamLike a Western American movie.
1964 En Kadamai Natesh Art Pictures Police officer Nâdhan M. Natesan The movie was banned for release for political reasons. Had limited release and was successful wherever it was released.
1964 Panakkara Kudumbam R. R. Pictures Nalla Thambi T. R. Ramanna Remade in 1970 in Hindi as Humjoli and in Kannada as Bhale Huduga. Top grosser of the year.
1964 Dheiva Thaai Sathiya Movies Secret agent Mâran P. Madhavan The first MGR under the Sathiya Movies banner.
1964 Thozhilali Devar Films Labourer Râdju M. A. Thirumugam For the glory of the labor world, Devar 's tribute to workers 's world.
1964 Padagotti Saravana Films Fisherman Manickam T. Prakash Rao The first movie in color of MGR during the 60s.
1964 Thaayin Madiyil Annai Films Jockey Râdja Adurthi Subba Rao A tale in the equestrian environment.
1965 Enga Veettu Pillai Vijaya Combines Productions Râmu alias Râman & Ilango alias Lakshaman Chanakya MGR's second industrial record
Completed 236-day run at the box office[2] It celebrated Silver Jubilee in 7 theatres, an all-time record and unbeaten till 1979. Top grosser of the year
1965 Panam Padaithavan R. R. Pictures Râja, runner & soldier T. R. Ramanna A tale on the system of castes and its disastrous consequences.
1965 Aayirathil Oruvan Padmini Pictures Doctor Manimaran, buccaneer B. R. Panthulu A fabulous swashbuckler film, the first combination MGR-Jayalalitha, under the camera of B.R.Pandhulu, the best of Padmini Pictures. It made B.R. Panthulu a debt free on its highest collection. Inspired from the 1935 American Film Captain Blood. First film of MGR with Jayalalitha. It celebrated Silver Jubilee in Albert complex and ran upto 190 days on digitilised version.
1965 Kalangarai Vilakkam Saravana Films Advocat Ravi K. Shankar Remake of 1958 American Film Vertigo.
1965 Kanni Thaai Devar Films Captain Saravannan M. A. ThirumugamMGR puts on splendidly the role of a military officer in service and in special mission...
1965 Thazhampoo Sri Bala Murugan Films Doré, a graduate N. S. Ramadass Another miscarriage of justice like Hitchcock 's suspense.
1965 Aasai Mugam Mohan Productions Manogar & Vadjerâvélu P. Pulaiah Loosely adapted from the 4th Sean Connery-James Bond 's Thunderball, 1965.
1966 Anbe Vaa A.V.M.Productions Bâlu alias J.B.,a grand industry leader A. C. Tirulokchandar Top grosser of the year
The only film of MGR with A.V.M.Productions. Inspired by the 1961 American film Come September.
1966 Naan Aanaiyittal Sathiya Movies Bhâsha alias Pandhiyan Chanakya MGR promoted his Adimai Penn during the song "Nalla Velai...".
1966 Mugaraasi Devar Films Police officer Râmu M. A. Thirumugam Only movie in which MGR acted with Gemini Ganesan.
1966 Nadodi Padmini Pictures Thiyagu B. R. Panthulu MGR fights one more time against the system of castes through this movie.
1966 Chandhrodhayam Saravana Films Reporter Chandiran K. Shankar Remake of the 1953 American film Roman Holiday.
1966 Thaali Bhagyam Varalakshmy Pictures MuruganK. B. Nagabhushanampays tribute to his dead wife, shortly before, the actress Pasupuleti Kannamba in this MGR's movie.
1966 Thanipiravi Devar Films Muthaiya, the blacksmith M. A. Thirumugam MGR adopts the look of Che Guevara in this eleventh adventure by Devar Films
1966 Parakkum Paavai R. R. Pictures Djeevâ, a taxi driver T. R. Ramanna An adventure in the world of the circus with MGR.
1966 Petralthan Pillaiya Sri Muthukumaran Pictures Anandhan, the tramp Krishnan-Panju Remake of 1921 American Film The Kid. The 25th film of M.R.Radha-MGR combination and the last film of the pair together.
1967 Thaikku Thalaimagan Devar Films The Garage owner Mârudhu M. A. Thirumugam The day before the release of Thaikku Thalaimagan, MGR was assaulted by firearm by actor M.R.Radha at his home, on 12 January 1967.
1967 Arasa Kattalai Satyaraja Pictures Chevalier Vijayan M. G. Chakrapani The elder brother of MGR, M. G. Chakrapani produced this swashbuckler film under Satyaraja Pictures. Arasa Kattalai combines two actresses who played with MGR a lot. This is the last movie in which B. Sarodja Devi will collaborate with MGR.
1967 Kaavalkaaran Sathiya Movies Mani, the driver P. Neelakantan Top grosser of the year. This film was in the making when MGR was shot by M.R.Radha with a personal grudge.
1967 Vivasayee Devar Films Muthaiya, an agronomist-farmer M. A. Thirumugam The 1st movie of MGR under the banner of Devar Films, after its attack of January 12, 1967.This is the first new film accepted by MGR after attack on him by actor M.R.Radha
1968 Ragasiya Police 115 Padmini Pictures Râmu, secret agent 115 B. R. PanthuluBased on spy film like James Bond series.Top grosser of the year.
1968 Thaer Thiruvizha Devar Films Saravanan and MGR (For a scene) M. A. Thirumugam A story in the world of the Indian cinema industry.
1968 Kudiyirundha Koyil Saravana Screens Anand & Babu (alias Sékhar) K. Shankar Top grosser of the year. Remake of the 1951 American film My Favorite Spy.
1968 Kannan En Kadhalan Sathiya Movies "Piano" Kannan P. Neelakantan Comedy actor J. P. Chandrababu was a guest-star.
1968 Oli Vilakku Gemini StudiosMuthu Chanakya Silver Jubilee in Ceylon. The only MGR's film with Gemini Studios. Remake of the 1966 Hindi film Phool Aur Patthar.
1968 Kanavan Valli Films Vélaiya P. Neelakantan MGR was inspired by two novels to write Kanavan. The first was the English play The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare.
1968 Pudhiya Boomi J.R. Movies Doctor Kathiravan Chanakya MGR takes the name of Kathiravan (meaning Sun which is the symbol of his party DMK) and promoted the candidature of The DMK candidate Tenkasi Kathiravan (originally name is Samsudeen) who contested the bi-election of Tenkasi (State Assembly Constituency) during that time. Remake of the 1965 Hindi film Himalay Ki Godmein.
1968 Kadhal Vaaganam Devar Films SundharamM. A. Thirumugam The lowest score in the film career of MGR, 56 days.
1969 Adimai Penn Emgeeyaar Pictures Ltd King Vengaiyan (Father) & Prince Vengaiyan (Son) K. Shankar MGR's third industrial record. Also producer under his Emgeeyaar Pictures Ltd.Top grosser of the year.
1969 Nam Naadu Vijaya International Durai C. P. Jambulingam Remake of Telugu movie Kathanayakudu.
Remade in 1972 in Hindi as Apna Desh.
Inspiration for 2nd half of 1991 Kannada movie Bharjari Gandu
1970 Maattukara Velan Jayanthi Films Vélan, cowherd & Raghu alias Raghunath Sababadhi, advocat P. Neelakantan Remake of the 1968 Telugu film Govula Gopanna and the 1969 Hindi film Jigri Dost. Top grosser of the year. Actress Lakshmi paired with MGR for the first time . Silver Jubilee in three theatres, Chennai, Madurai and Kovai.
1970 En Annan Venus Pictures Ranga (alias Rangan) P. Neelakantan Remake of the 1967 Telugu film Poola Rangadu, and based on Beyond This Place by A. J. Cronin.
1970 Thalaivan Thomas Pictures Undercover police officer Ilango P. A. Thomas
Singhu Muthu
By the producer of the unseen movie Yesunadhar, P. A. Thomas, with MGR in title role, Jesus.
1970 Thedi Vandha Mappillai Padmini Pictures Shankar B. R. Panthulu A tale based on an error and an usurpation of identity with for stake, a colossal fortune
1970 Engal Thangam Mekala Pictures Thangam & MGR Krishnan-Panju MGR tells the exploit of Apollo 11 through a song. History course in MGR's style!
1971 Kumari Kottam Kay Cey FilmsGôpal P. Neelakantan Guganathan'story is inspired by the Pierre Corneille's French play, Le Cid.Top grosser of the year.
1971 Rickshawkaran Sathiya Movies Selvam M. Krishnan Nair Winner: National Film Award for Best Actor for MGR. Top grosser of the year. Remade in 1973 in Hindi as Rickshawala.
1971 Neerum Neruppum New Mani J. Cine Productions Prince Manivannan & Prince Karikalan P. Neelakantan Remade in 1972 in Hindi as Gora Aur Kala. Based on the French novel The Corsican Brothers by Alexandre Dumas.Remake of Iru Sahodargal of M.K.Radha.
1971 Oru Thaai Makkal Nanjil Productions Kannan P. Neelakantan Remake of the 1964 Hindi film Ayee Milan Ki Bela.
1972 Sange Muzhangu Valli Films Murugan P. Neelakantan First movie for Lakshmi as the solo heroine of MGR. Lakshmi acted as sister in Kumarikottam, Idhaya Veenai.
1972 Nalla Neram Devar Films Râju M. A. Thirumugam Remake of the 1971 Hindi film Haathi Mere Saathi. The last association MGR-Chinnappa Devar at Devar Films.Top grosser of the year.
1972 Raman Thediya Seethai Jayanthi Films S.J.Raman, a billionaire P. Neelakantan Remake of the 1969 Hindi film Talash.
1972 Naan Yen Pirandhen Kamatchi Agencies Kannan M. Krishnan Nair Remake of the 1969 Hindi film Jeene Ki Raah.
1972 Annamitta Kai Ramachandra Productions Doréraj M. Krishnan Nair The last black and white movie of MGR.
1972 Idhaya Veenai Uthayam Productions Soundharam Krishnan-Panju The last movie of MGR under The DMK flag.
1973 Ulagam Sutrum Valiban Emgeeyaar Pictures Ltd Murugan & Raju M. G. Ramachandran Also director and producer.
MGR's fourth and final industrial record.
Completed 200-day run at the box office[2] Silver Jubilee in 6 theatres.Top grosser of the year.
1973 Pattikaattu Ponnaiya Vasanth Pictures Ponnaiya & Muthaiya B. S. Ranga This is the last movie for J. Jayalalitha with MGR.
1974 Netru Indru Naalai Amalraj Films Manickum (alias Rathnam) & Kumar P. Neelakantan The actor S. A. Asokan was the producer in this MGR's movie.
1974 Urimai Kural Chithralaya Films Gobi alias Gobinath C. V. Sridhar Directed by C. V. Sridhar
Completed 200-day run at the box office.[2] Top grosser of the year.
1974 Sirithu Vazha Vendum Uthayam Productions Inspector Ramu & Usthad Abdul Rahman S. S. Balan Remake of the 1973 Hindi film Zanjeer.
1975 Ninaithadhai Mudippavan Oriental Pictures Soundharam, a musician & Ranjith Kumar, a business man P. Neelakantan Remake of the 1970 Hindi film Sachaa Jhutha. The 59th movie and the last film of S.A.Ashokan with MGR.
1975 Naalai Namadhe Gajendra Films Shankar & Vijay Kumar Remake of the 1973 Hindi film Yaadon Ki Baaraat.
1975 Idhayakkani Sathiya Movies Police officer Mogan A. Jagannathan Top Grosser of the year. Jagannathan was an assistant to T. Prakash Rao in 1964 for Padagotti and later to P. Neelakantan for Kavalkaran. Second directorial venture of A.Jagannathan. First film of Radha Saluja with MGR.
1975 Pallandu Vazhga Uthayam Productions Rajan (Chinnaiya), a assistant director of the prison K. Shankar Inspired from the 1957 Hindi film Do Aankhen Barah Haath and the 1952 American film My Six Convicts.
1976 Needhikku Thalaivanangu Sri Umaiyambikai Productions Vijay P. Neelakantan The film is a loose adaptation of Les Mystères de Paris by the French novelist Eugène Sue. Top grosser of the year.
1976 Uzhaikkum Karangal Kay Cey FilmsRangan K. Shankar Thirty years after Sri Murugan (1946), MGR executes again a dance acting as the God Paramashivam
1976 Oorukku Uzhaippavan Venus Pictures Police officer Selvam & Raja, an industrialist M. Krishnan Nair Remake of the 1974 Hindi film Humshakal.
1977 Indru Pol Endrum Vaazhga Subbu Productions Murugan, a farmer K. Shankar The second and last adventure of the actress Radha Saluja with MGR
1977 Navarathinam C. N. V. Movies Thangam, a billionaire A. P. Nagarajan MGR acts with 9 actresses.
1977 Meenava Nanban Muthu EnterpriseKumaran C. V. Sridhar Top grosser of the year. C. V. Sridhar's second film as a director with MGR in the lead role.
1978 Madhuraiyai Meetta Sundharapandiyan Soleswar Combines Païntamizh Kumaran (alias Prince Sundharapandhiyan) M. G. Ramachandran Also director, with the director K. Shankar. Dialogues writre by the director P. Neelakantan.
1990 Avasara Police 100 Sudha Cine MoviesRaju K. Bhagyaraj Archive footage of unfinished MGR film (Anna Nee Yen Deivam) is used in the film Durai Movies. Last movie of M.N.Nambiar with MGR. Second highest grosser of that year.
1991 Nallathai Naadu Kekum Jeppiaar Pictures Jeppiaar
M. Karnan
Archive footage of unfinished MGR film (on the same title) is used in the film J. R. Movies.

Unfinished and unreleased films

Film Notes
Saaya "MGR first time hero acting"
- Heroine : T.V.Kumuthini
- Foreseen normally in 1941
Silambu Guhai - Foreseen normally in 1956
Malai Nadu Ilavarasan - Foreseen normally in 1956
Kumara Devan - Foreseen normally in 1956
Umaiyan Kottai - Foreseen normally in 1956
"1800 feet shooted",
- Heroine : P. Bhanumathi - Story : A.K.Velan - Dialogues & Lyrics : Kannadasan - Music : S.M.Subbhaiya Naidhu
- Directed by Masthan - Produced by actor M. G. Chakrapani via his Swastic Films
- Re-produced by M.G.Ramamoorthy (Son of M. G. Chakrapani), with a new title, Arasa Kattalai
- And directed by M. G. Chakrapani, The Elder Brother of MGR, via his The Sathiya Raja Pictures, in 1967.
Uthama Puthiran - Under the same title, Nadhigar Thilagum Sivaji Ganesan took out a film in 1958, steered by T. Prakash Rao
- MGR will filter in a few years later on Neerum Neruppum,
- a variation was colorized by the same French writer Alexandre Dumas Père
- Foreseen normally in 1957
Vazhe Pirandhavan - Directed by F. Nagoor - Produced by Vidwan V. Lakshamanan
- Foreseen normally in 1957
Yelaike Kavalan - Foreseen normally in 1957
Adhirooba Amaravadhi - Foreseen normally in 1958
Kaathavarayan - Foreseen normally in 1958 - MGR suggested Sivaji for the roll to Director T.R. Ramanna
Advocat Amaran - Adapted by a play played also by MGR.
- Foreseen normally in 1959
Kanni Neelam - Foreseen normally in 1959
Kelvi Badil - Foreseen normally in 1959
Nadigan Koural - Foreseen normally in 1959
Nadodiyin Magan - The second part of Nadodi Mannan
- Foreseen normally in 1959
Ponniyin Selvan - Inspired from Kalki Krishnamurthy's Ponniyin Selvan Shelved
- Foreseen normally in 1959
Thennaranga Karai - Foreseen normally in 1959
Thoongadhey Thambi Thoongadhey - Foreseen normally in 1959
This movie will released finally in November, 1983 with Kamal Hassan under the banner of The AVM Productions, a kind of wink(allusion) to the cinema of MGR, a tribute for him, then Chief Minister
Kerala Kanni - Directed by R.R.Chandran - Story & Dialogues by Ravindran - Music by N.S.Balakrishnan
- Produced by M. G. Chakrapani via his The Bala Suriya Pictures
- Foreseen normally in 1960
Parma Pidha - Produced by G.N.Velumani 's Saravana Films production
- Foreseen normally in 1961
It was announced as a color movie and directed by K. Shankar, with the actress Sarodja Devi
Maadi Veettu Ezhai - Produced & Directed by the actor J. P. Chandrababu under his own banner, Jubilee Art
- Heroine : Savitri (Ganesh) - Actor S.V.Ranga Rav - Lyrics : Kannadasan - Music : Visuwanadhan-Ramamoorthy - Dialogue : Arour Dass
Finally the movie goes out with Ganesan, about twenty years later, on April 22, 1981
This movie was unreleased due to misunderstanding between M. G. Chakrapani and J. P. Chandrababu that made Ramachandran disappointed and cancel the project
Ithu Sathiyam
- Foreseen normally in 1962
The movie was directed by K. Shankar with the actor S.A.Asogan instead of MGR, then unavailable for dates. ITHU SATHIYAM goes out on August 30, 1962
- Directed by C. V. Sridhar
- Foreseen normally in 1963
The project fails with MGR... With Sivaji Ganesan, it becomes 6 years later Sivandha Mann
Magan Magal
Directed by T.R.Ramanna - Produced by Kovai Deva Sagayam via his The Kavidalaya Madras 18
- Foreseen normally in 1963
Velu Devan
- Foreseen normally in 1964
Inba Nila
- Foreseen normally in 1966
Yelaike Kavalan
- Foreseen normally in 1966
- Foreseen normally in 1967 (First version)
MGR reshapes the project from top to bottom for in a new ADHIMAI PENN version 1969, and released under his Emgiyaar Pictures
Maru Piravi
- Produced by Chinnappa Devar's Devar Films
- Foreseen normally in 1967
Thandhayum Maganum
- Produced by Chinnappa Devar's Devar Films
- Foreseen normally in 1967
Gangaiyilirundhu Kremlin Varai
- Foreseen normally in 1969
Inaintha Kaikal - Produced by MGR's Emgiyaar Pictures,
- Foreseen normally in 1969
Sivandha Mann
- According to C. V. Sridhar's autobiography, Sivandha Mann had evolved from Andru Sinthiya Rattam, a script originally written for actor M. G. Ramachandran.[4] It was the first Tamil film to be shot extensively in foreign locations – a "great novelty in those days".[5] Reportedly made on a budget of 790,000 (US$12,000),[6] filming took place largely in Europe in countries like Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany and the Alps. The rest of the film was shot back in India.[7][8][9] After the film's success, many Tamil and Telugu films were also inspired to shoot in France.
- Directed by Joseph Taliath Jr - Produced by P. A. Thomas via his company Thomas Pictures
- Music by M. S. Viswanathan - Lyrics by Kannadasan
- Screenplay & Dialogues by M. Karunanidhi
- Foreseen normally in 1969
The project is cancelled and on the place, takes out a thriller movie, Thalaivan, two years later, in 1970
Vellikizhamai - Re-produced as Anaya Vilakku
- Hero : (Mu.Ka.Muthu).
- Foreseen normally in 1973
Kizakku Africavil Raju - The second part of Ulagam Sutrum Valiban
- Foreseen normally in 1974
MGR, in spite of locations makes on the African continent, abandons the project of a suite, due to the lack of time...
Makkal Yen Pakkam
- Foreseen normally in 1974
Production : M.M.Movies - Producer : Musiripputthan - Dialogue : Virudhunagar P.Seenivasan - Music : M. S. Viswanathan - Screenplay & Direction : N.S.Maniam - Not to confuse with the Makkal En Pakkam 1987 version, with the actor Sathyaraj
Samugame Naan Unakku Sontham
- Heroine : Latha
- Foreseen normally in 1974
Lyrics & Dialogue : Kannadasan - Direction : S.Raghavan
Thiyagathin Vetri
- Foreseen normally in 1974
Naanum Oru Thozhilali
- Directed by C. V. Sridhar
- Later the movie went out with Kamal Hassan
- Foreseen normally in 1975
Kamal Hassan version Naanum Oru Thozhilali, 1 May 1986
- Foreseen normally in 1976
Anna Nee Yen DeivamM
- Foreseen normally in 1976
From some sequences of Sridhar, Bhackiya Radj manages to engender a movie with a posthumous MGR, Avasara Police 100
Puraitchi Pithan
- Foreseen normally in 1976
Nallathai Naadu Kekum
- Foreseen normally in 1977
5% of Nallathai Naadu Kekum was originally filmed, Jeppiaar, a man of MGR tried to exploit them in a new plot on the same title
Akarai Patchai
- Foreseen normally in 1978
Captain Raja
- Foreseen normally in 1978
Ilaiye Thalai Mourai
- Foreseen normally in 1978
Ithuthan Pathil - Directed by K.Shankar,
- 2 songs were ready
- Foreseen normally in 1980
Unnai Vidhu Mathan
- Foreseen normally in 1980
Puraitchy Thalaivan
- Foreseen normally in 2010


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