Mạc Mậu Hợp

Mạc Mậu Hợp
Emperor of Vietnam
Reign 1562-1592
Predecessor Mạc Tuyên Tông
Successor Mạc Toàn
Born 1560
Died 1592
Full name
Mạc Mậu Hợp (莫茂洽)
Posthumous name
Mạc Mục Tông
House Mạc Dynasty

Mạc Mậu Hợp (chữ Hán: 莫茂洽, 1560 – 1592) was the fifth and effectively last reigning emperor of the Mạc Dynasty of Vietnam from 1562–1592.[1][2] In 1592, the Trịnh Lords under Trịnh Tùng conquered Hanoi along with the rest of the northern provinces. Mạc Mậu Hợp was captured during the retreat and was cut to pieces over three days. Mạc Toàn and other successors continued to hold Cao Bằng.


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Preceded by
Mạc Tuyên Tông
Emperor of Vietnam
Succeeded by
Mạc Toàn

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