Location of Mărgău
Coordinates: 46°44′35″N 22°57′51″E / 46.74306°N 22.96417°E / 46.74306; 22.96417Coordinates: 46°44′35″N 22°57′51″E / 46.74306°N 22.96417°E / 46.74306; 22.96417
Country Romania
County Cluj County
Component villages Bociu, Buteni, Ciuleni, Mărgău, Răchiţele, Scrind-Frăsinet
  Total 211.68 km2 (81.73 sq mi)
Population (2002)
  Total 1,871

Mărgău (German: Meregau; Hungarian: Meregyó) is a commune in Cluj County, Romania. It is composed of six villages: Bociu (Bocs), Buteni (Kalotabökény), Ciuleni (Incsel), Mărgău, Răchiţele (Havasrekettye) and Scrind-Frăsinet (Kőrizstető).

Răchiţele village is the birthplace of Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc.


Mărgău is in an area dominated by the Vlădeasa Mountains.


According to the census from 2002 there was a total population of 1,869 people living in this commune. Of this population, 99.62% are ethnic Romanians, 0.26% are ethnic Hungarians and 0.10% ethnic Romani.[1]


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