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Möðruvallabók or AM 132 fol is an Icelandic manuscript from the mid-14th century, inscribed on vellum. It contains the following Icelandic sagas in this order:

Many of those sagas are preserved in fragments elsewhere but are only found in their full length in Möðruvallabók, which contains the largest known single repertoire of Icelandic sagas of the Middle Ages.

The manuscript takes its name from Möðruvellir, the farm in Eyjafjörður where it was found.[1] In 1628 Magnús Björnsson signed his name in it with the location.[2] It was brought to Denmark in 1684 by Thomas Bartholin and incorporated into the Arnamagnæan Collection in 1690. It was returned to Iceland in 1974 after the collection's division into an Icelandic and a Danish section.[1]

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