More for Majorca

More for Majorca
Més per Mallorca
General Secretary Biel Barceló
Fina Santiago
Founded 2010
Ideology Democratic socialism
Green politics
Left-wing nationalism
Mayors in Majorca
8 / 54
Municipality councilors
108 / 931
Council of Majorca
6 / 33
Balearic Parliament
6 / 59

More for Majorca (Catalan: Més per Mallorca) is a Majorcan political coalition formed by PSM-ENTESA, IniciativaVerds, Demos+, small independent, local parties and independents around the island. It was created in the summer of 2010 under the name PSM-Iniciativa-Verds, but with the merger of Iniciativa d'Esquerres and Els Verds, and the incorporation of Entesa per Mallorca into the coalition it was renamed PSM-IniciativaVerds-Entesa in early 2011. In mid-2013, the current name was adopted.


Més per Mallorca was created as an electoral coalition in an effort to unite the ecologist and left majorcan nationalist political organisations under a common platform after the dissolution of the Bloc per Mallorca. In summer 2010 an electoral coalition between PSM-EN, Iniciativa d'Esquerres, and Els Verds was established to run the 2011 autonomous and local election. In November 2010 Iniciativa d'Esquerres and Els Verds merged and became IniciativaVerds, and in early 2011 Entesa per Mallorca joined the coalition.

At the 2011 local and autonomous election the coalition received 36,149 votes, which translated in four seats at the Parliament of the Balearic Islands, four seats at the Council of Majorca, and three seats at the Palma city hall.

On 2 February 2013, the members of the coalition's three member parties gathered in an open assembly and decided to take the coalition a step further and adopted a "call document" as well as the name Més per Mallorca. On 26 October 2013 coalition members participated in another assembly where a set of Operating Rules were adopted and an executive commission was elected, with Biel Barceló as general coordinator and co-spokesperson and Fina Santiago as co-spokesperson.

On May 24, 2015 the coalition got the greatest historical result by any of its member parties at the election to the Parliament of the Balearic Islands, receiving 59,069 votes (14% approx.) and 6 out of the 33 seats of the Mallorca electoral district.[1]


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