Mária Balážová

Mária Balážová
Born (1956-08-31) 31 August 1956
Trnava, Slovakia
Nationality Slovak
Education Academy of Muse Arts in Bratislava
Known for Painting, Drawing, Printmaking, Sculpture
Movement Geometric abstraction, Hard-edge, Post-geo

Mária Balážová (born 31 August 1956 in Trnava, Slovakia, former Czechoslovakia) is a contemporary Slovak artist. Her practise as an artist is usually associated with new geometry, post-geometry and postmodern.

Life and work

Balážová studied at the Academy of Muse Arts, Bratislava and Magister of Arts degree received in 1984. Balážová is also known as a teacher at the University of Trnava - since 1997. Husband - Blazej Balaz, slovak painter.

Immediately at the beginning, Mária Balážová, created her own „personal mythology“, emphasizing a snake motif in the geometrically stylised form of a cobra. This animal, which occupies an important position in world mythologies and religions, became the main motif of cycles of paintings, to which the artist gave the name Serpent Geometry. Balážová distinguished herself from classic Neo-Constructivism, outlined on subjectless combinations of shapes and colours, put together into geometric structures. Art theorists appreciate the „new significance“ she achieved by creating radically reductive forms (Jiří Valoch, 2002). "[1]

Her works are held in the collections of Slovak National Gallery, Bratislava, National Gallery, Prague (CZ), Wannieck Gallery Brno (CZ), Jan Koniarek Gallery , Trnava.

The artist has been a member of the revived Club of Concrete Artists 2 and the artist's group East of Eden. She lives and works in Trnava.


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