Location Halland County, Västra Götaland County, Sweden
Coordinates 57°28′36″N 12°20′22″E / 57.47667°N 12.33944°E / 57.47667; 12.33944Coordinates: 57°28′36″N 12°20′22″E / 57.47667°N 12.33944°E / 57.47667; 12.33944
Primary outflows Rolfsån
Basin countries Sweden
Max. length 20 km[1]
Max. width 2.5 km[1]
Surface area 33 km²[2]
Max. depth 50 m[1]
Surface elevation 15 m[2]
Settlements Fjärås kyrkby, Sätila



Lygnern is a lake in the municipalities of Kungsbacka and Mark, western Sweden. With an area of 33 km², it is the largest lake in Halland County. Its main outflow is Rolfsån, which in turn empties out into the Kungsbacka Fjord.

The lake serves as a source of drinking water for Kungsbacka. In 2006, it was nominated as the cleanest lake in Sweden, as 98% of the surveyed residents of the municipality were satisfied with the water quality.[3]


Ten fish species have been found in the lake, which is particularly rich in pike, trout and European perch.[1]


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