Lydiate railway station

Place Lydiate/Great Altcar[lower-alpha 1]
Area West Lancashire
Coordinates 53°31′55″N 2°58′25″W / 53.5320°N 2.9736°W / 53.5320; -2.9736Coordinates: 53°31′55″N 2°58′25″W / 53.5320°N 2.9736°W / 53.5320; -2.9736
Grid reference SD355044
Original company Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway
Pre-grouping Cheshire Lines Committee
Post-grouping Cheshire Lines Committee
Platforms 2[1]
1 September 1884 Station opened
1 January 1917 Station closed
1 April 1919 Station reopened
7 January 1952 Station closed completely[2]
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Lydiate railway station was a station located on the Southport & Cheshire Lines Extension Railway off Carr Lane, just outside Lydiate. The Merseyside and Lancashire border runs down the stream alongside Altcar Lane, which runs parallel to the line.

The station first closed in 1917, along with all other stations on the extension line, as a World War I economy measure.

The station was reopened on 1 April 1919, and continued in use until 7 January 1952, when the SCLER was closed to passengers from Aintree Central to Southport Lord Street. The line remained open for public goods traffic until 7 July 1952 at Southport Lord St., Birkdale Palace and Altcar & Hillhouse Stations. Public goods facilities were ended at Woodvale, Lydiate and Sefton & Maghull stations on the same date as passenger services (7 January 1952)[lower-alpha 2] and there were never any goods facilities at Ainsdale Beach station to begin with. After 7 July 1952, a siding remained open at Altcar & Hillhouse for private goods facilities until May 1960. The very last passenger train to run on the SCLER was a railway enthusiasts 'special' between Aintree and Altcar & Hillhouse railways stations on 6 June 1959.

Notes and references


  1. The site of Lydiate railway station on Carr Lane is about 835 feet (255 m) outside the current boundaries of Lydiate and is actually loctated in Great Altcar.
  2. On the subject of railway station or line 'closing dates', it should be remembered that the official day of a closure IS ALWAYS given as the Monday following the date of last trains run. As this is almost always a Saturday, if 7 January 1952 (Monday) is given as the date of closure, this means the ACTUAL LAST DAY OF SERVICES was Saturday, 5 January 1952. This is proven by last day tickets which bear 5 January date.


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