Luitgarde of Vermandois

Luitgarde of Vermandois
Spouse(s) William I of Normandy
Theobald I of Blois
Noble family Herbertien dynasty
Father Herbert II, Count of Vermandois
Mother Adele of France
Born c. 914
Died 9 February 978(978-02-09)

Luitgarde of Vermandois (c.914 February 9, 978) was a French noblewoman. She was a countess of Vermandois by birth and a duchess consort of Normandy by her first marriage, and a countess consort of Blois by her second. She was a daughter of Herbert II of Vermandois, and Adele, daughter of Robert I of France.[1] She first married William I of Normandy in 940. This marriage was childless. As a widow, following his death in 942, she married Theobald I of Blois in 943.

She had four children from her second marriage:


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Luitgarde of Vermandois
Born: c.914 Died: 9 February 978
Preceded by
Gisela of France
Duchess consort of Normandy
Succeeded by
Emma of Paris
New title Countess consort of Blois
Succeeded by
Bertha of Burgundy

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