Luisa Kuliok

Luisa Kuliok
Born Luisa Matilde Kullock
(1953-03-20)20 March 1953
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality Argentine
Occupation actress
Years active 1968-present

Luisa Kuliok (b. Buenos Aires, 20 March 1953)[1] is an Argentine actress of theater, film and television.


From the age of five, she studied acting and did her first play in a school production when the lead was sick. Later, she studied with Agustín Alezzo and in 1976, the same year she married, she had her professional debut.[2] Kuliok is often credited as being the first international Argentine telenovela star. Her work in La extraña dama in 1989 was shown, became a hit in Italy and opened doors for the Argentine industry to expand into new markets. It also led to her being offered a role in Más allá del horizonte (Beyond the Horizon) replacing Gina Lollobrigida.[3] Kuliok worked primarily in television and telenovelas until 1994. The economic crisis that occurred in the ten years between 1994 and 2004 caused her to branch out into other entertainment venues.[4] In 2006, she was nominated for an ACE Award for her role in the theater production of Del Antiguo Oriente[3] and in 2010, she was nominated for her performance in El alma inmoral.[5]




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