Luis José Santander

Luis Jose Santander
Born Luis Jose Santander
(1960-04-08) April 8, 1960
Colorado-United States
Occupation Actor
Height 6.02

Luis Jose Santander born April 8, 1960 is a United States actor.[1] Santander was born in the United States and raised in Venezuela.

Santander was not an instant sensation, as he had to work hard to become famous. He labored as an actor in small plays around Venezuela when his chance to become famous arrived in 1987. That year, he made his television debut in "Y la Luna Tambien" ("And the Moon Too"), which became a major international hit, reaching important numbers in Puerto Rico, Mexico and Ecuador, among others. It wasn't until 1988, however, when, at the age of 28, he became a teen idol following the smash success of "Niña Bonita" ("Pretty Girl"). This production, which was produced by Venevision and had nothing in common storywise with the latter Hollywood hit "Pretty Woman", was a major hit all over Latin America propelling Sabntander and his female co-star, Ruddy Rodríguez, into super-stardom in the area. The telenovela's title song "Tan Enamorados" also propelled singer Ricardo Montaner into international fame.

"Niña Bonita"'s success raised both Santander and Rodriguez's rentability in the high-paying Hispanic soap opera world. In Santander's case, he followed "Niña Bonita" with "Maribel" in 1989. While not as successful as "Niña Bonita", "Maribel" was also a large hit for the Venezuelan actor.

In 1991, he participated in "Mundo de Fieras", which was another large success on the Venezuelan and United States Latino television viewer's ratings.

By then, his telenovelas had caused so much interest, that Santander became well known in Europe as well, with many of his soap operas being shown in places like Russia and Hungary.

In 1993, Santander participated in "Macarena". Whether the title of this song had anything to do with the latter hit, "Macarena", is unknown.

In 1994, he participated in "Morena Clara" ("Brown Girl"), which, again, would prove that he was among Venezuelans' favorite actors.

In a surprise move, he went to Mexico in 1996, contracted by that country's largest network, Televisa, to film Lazos de Amor, ("Love Ties") alongside Mexican superstar Lucero. Odd as it might sound to many, at the age of 37, Santander recovered his status as a teen idol, at least in Mexico, where that soap opera became a classic of Mexican television, due in part to the following he generated among Mexican Teenaged girl. Afterward, he starred in "Te sigo amando" ("I will still love you") (1996) with Claudia Ramirez and Sergio Goyri.

After filming "Vidas Prestadas" ("Borrowed Lives") in 2000, Santander has lived in semi-retirement, often flying between Mexico and Venezuela for interviews and special occasions, including appearing in "Inocente de ti" alongside Camila Sodi and Valentino Lanus.

In 2006 Santander returns to Venezuela to star the telenovela "Silvia Rivas, divorciada". In 2007 Santander appears in the telenovela "Voltea pa' que te enamores".

In 2007 he was also invited to participate in the Telenovela "Pasión" which is produced by Carla Estrada in México and is being shown in several Countries around the world. She is the one that also produced "Lazos de Amor" (Love Ties) which has been mentioned before. His character is "Foreman" a British Pirate and the story is situated around 1780 in what used to be the "Nueva España" (New Spain).

The telenovela industry has valuable presences , but there is only one dimension of Luis José Santander. This charismatic artist with extensive experience, born in Fort Collins , Colorado , USA , where his parents were studying . José Luis arrives in Venezuela at an early age , growing up in a environment where artistic manifestations were present every day as painters , poets and illustrious musicians visited the house of his parents and that he planted in the seed germinate over time. After completing his primary and secondary studies put aside the dream of their children to study a career in medicine , changing by another dream ; to develop as the artist. Achieved a scholarship to study drama in the United States and Bridgeport Connecticut, while perfecting the mastery of the language of Shakespeare to the recommendation of the artists frequented his house interrupted his stay in that country and settled in Venezuela , where they develop professionally. Back in Venezuela studying performance in the most important and prestigious art schools , including that The School of Art Scenic Sujo Juana is where graduates from the very most renowned teachers from both home and visiting foreign theater festivals in Caracas Lindsay Kemp, Giorgio Streller between otr just being very young, he began his career in the tables and in the film, when he is selected as the only male lead in works : The Blue Jean Girl , profane Mass, The Cat and the Canary and Los Angeles Terribles ; and two films A Country ... One Destiny and the Last Rosa. But his passion for these two tendencies acting, intensive work is dedicated to meet the demands of television cameras , with which undertakes every day and force him to reject tempting offers important directors of the theater and the big screen. During his career he has been instrumental , and in almost all role players in the distribution of various mini -series such as: Testimony of a wife, Violets Christ , I need an angel, Wait for me in heaven, the queen of spring , La chinita , Gangs and What remains for us to live. Also highlighted with significant roles in the early soap operas in which participated , to establish itself as one of the most sought after leading men of Venezuela and international markets in the dramatic spaces: And the moon too, pretty girl , Macarena , Morena clear , Maribel , World of beasts , sharing the stage with the likes of actresses : Tatiana Capote , Rosalinda Serfati , Kiara , Astrid Carolina Herrera , Catherine Fullop and Rudy Rodriguez. Since then he has had a major international career and his image has been seen in many different countries continents , a fact for which his talent has been claimed by television companies in Mexico , United States and Peru more recently ; its own style, a captivating personality , this actor with piercing eyes gaze has excelled Bookmarking patterns in the world of soap operas . His work for the company in Azteca Televisa land , next to Lucero and Claudia Ramirez ties both in love as I still love hand producer Carla Estrada, reaffirm the quality and professionalism of Luis José , who with tenacity and effort has conquered new frontiers holding fast with strength and an example for many. José Luis has been recognized by several awards showbiz among which are: Mara Gold , Meridian Gold, TV y Novelas Silver Star and the latter two of Mexico , among others. Its popularity is increasing and with it the multiply invitations to participate in events and programs in countries of America, Europe and even Asia. From there you have been invited by Venevision International and the director and producer Lucho Llosa to star in the soap opera Vidas borrowed , next to Greece Colmenares where it is also associate producer, new side that begins to develop within your career. Luis José Santander and excelled as a disciplined , tenacious , industrious , tireless , methodical person in each of their obligations , demanding of himself , with their environment and with their aspirations , their growth has contributed his manhood home , loving family and diarioos athlete .



Year Title Role Notes
1987 Y la luna también Television debut
1988 Niña bonita Francisco León
1989 Maribel Luis Alexander
1991 Mundo de fieras Iván Soriano
1992 Macarena José Miguel
1994 Morena Clara Valentín Andara
1995 Lazos de amor Nicolás Miranda
1996 Te sigo amando Luis Ángel Zaldívar
2000 Vidas prestadas José María "Chema" Rivero Associate producer
2004 Inocente de ti Sergio Dalmacci
2007 Pasión John Foreman "El Inglés"
2008 Juro que te amo Amado Madrigal
2009 Alma Indomable Esteban de la Vega
2011 Sacrificio de mujer Dr. Augusto Talamonti
2011 Corazón apasionado Ricardo Rey
2013 Noches con Platanito Himself "Las Lavanderas/Luis Jose Santander/Julión Álvarez" (Season 1, Episode 3)


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