Luis Giannattasio

Luis Giannattasio Finocchietti (1894 7 February 1965) was a Uruguayan political figure.


Giannattasio was an engineer by profession and a leading member of the Uruguayan Blanco (National) Party.

From 1959 to 1963, he served as Minister of Public Works. In this capacity, Giannattasio was particularly identified with a significant road-building program.

President of Uruguay


He became President of Uruguay in 1964, succeeding his National Party colleague President Daniel Fernández Crespo. Prominent members of his Administration included Health minister Aparicio Méndez, who later served as President of Uruguay.

1965: Death in office

In 1965 Giannattasio died in office shortly after attending in official capacity the funeral in London, England, of Winston Churchill.[1]

He was succeeded as President of Uruguay by Washington Beltrán, also of the Blanco (National) Party.


A road in Canelones Department is named after Giannattasio.

Among the prominent Uruguayan buildings for which Giannattassio's engineering company (Giannattasio & Berta, afterwards Ingeniería Civil) was responsible is the main building of The British Schools of Montevideo, Carrasco, opened 1964, as well as the main branch of Banco de la República, Av. 18 de Julio, downtown Montevideo.

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