Ludovica Torelli

Ludovica Torelli (26 September 1500 in Guastalla – 28 October 1569 in Milan) was Countess of Guastalla.

She was the only daughter of Achille Torelli, Count of Guastalla, who died in battle at Luzzara in 1522, making her Countess of Guastalla.

Having lost early her husband Ludovico Stanghi and son Achille, she remarried in 1525 with Antonio Martinengo, who was murdered on 18 April 1528 by a brother-in-law. Ludovica also escaped an assassination attempt by relatives eager to take over her possessions.

Ludovica was very religious, and had as spiritual guides Battista da Crema and Antonio Maria Zaccaria. She financed many good works in Milan and supported the newly established order of the Barnabites.

Having moved definitively to Milan, she sold on 3 October 1539 the County of Guastalla to Italian condottiero Ferrante Gonzaga for 22,280 golden scudi.

Preceded by
Achille Torelli
Count of Guastalla
Succeeded by
Ferrante I Gonzaga
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