Lucien Baroux

Lucien Baroux (born Marcel Lucien Barou) (Toulouse, 21 September 1888 - Hossegor, 21 May 1968) was a French actor. He began his career working in the theatre, moving on to a long career in films from the 1930s.

In the field of musical comedy he created roles in Brummell in 1931 (Jim), Déshabillez-vous ! in 1928 (Dumontel), Passionément in 1926 (Captain Harris), and J'adore ça in 1925 (Jacques Cocardier).[1] He appeared as Laurent XVII in the 1935 film and 1956 recording of La mascotte.[2]

He took part in the complete recording of Le Malade imaginaire (as Monsieur Diafoirus), in 1964 starring Michel Galabru on L'Encyclopédie Sonore Hachette.

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