Luciano Canepari

The canIPA vocoid system

Luciano Canepari (Italian pronunciation: [luˈtʃaːno kaneˈpaːri]; b. 19 January 1947 in Venice) is a professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Venice. He received his academic training at that university. He developed a phonetic transcription system called canIPA [kaˈniːpa], based on the official IPA. The canIPA consists of 500 basic, 300 complementary and 200 supplementary symbols. It is a work in progress, intended to permit the transcription of all world languages in more exact detail than the official IPA. It has seen little use apart from its inventor,[1] but is occasionally seen elsewhere.[2]


He has also published a number of workbooks and recordings used in connection with these books.


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