Lucian Müller

Lucian Müller (17 March 1836 – 24 April 1898) was a German classical scholar.


Müller was born in Merseburg in the Province of Saxony. After studying at the universities of Berlin and Halle, he lived for five years in the Netherlands, working on his Geschichte der klassischen Philologie in den Niederlanden (1869). Unable to obtain a university appointment in Germany, he accepted (1870) the professorship of Latin at the Imperial Historico-Philological Institute in St Petersburg.


Müller's works display great erudition and critical acumen, and also feature bitter attacks on eminent scholars whose opinions differ from his own. He was a disciple of the methods of Richard Bentley and Karl Lachmann. His De re metrica poetarum latinorum (1861; 2nd ed. 1894) represents a landmark in the investigation of the metrical system of the Roman poets (the dramatists excepted), and his Metrik der Griechen und Römer (2nd ed., 1885) is an excellent treatise on a limited subject (Eng. trans. by Samuel Ball Platner, Boston, 1892).

His other chief publications were:


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