Lozovo (Macedonian:  Лозово ) is a village in Republic of Macedonia. It is a seat of the Lozovo municipality.


Lozovo is a village located in central Macedonia, situated between Veles and Štip. It is the seat of the Lozovo Municipality. The coordinates of the city are approximately 41.78 ° N, 21.90° E.


Small Enterprises

Lozovo has numerous small businesses in town. These include 5 small markets/ shops, a boutique, two hardware stores, a small dentistry/ primary care office, and a post office. Lozovo also boasts two restaurants situated on the highway- a motel and Restaurant Voz, and a popular coffee bar Club Trend, which is open each Friday and Saturday in the night and draws crowds from adjacent municipalities. Recently established in Lozovo is a sports bar for betting. Each Thursday in the morning, Lozovo hosts a bazaar near the center of town, close to the train stop. Locals and traveling vendors sell produce and miscellaneous items (including clothing, toys, kitchenware, hardware, etc.).


The main crops of Lozovo primarily include grapes, tobacco, and some wheat. The red and white grapes are harvested for the production of wine and for eating. Tobacco is harvested in through the autumn months, is threaded/stitched, dried, and sold in March. Many locals have replaced vineyards with tobacco fields because tobacco has become more profitable than grapes.

Domestically, locals grow vegetables and fruits in their home gardens. Vegetables can include peppers, cabbage, leeks, tomatoes, beans, carrots, and squash. Fruit can include apples, pears, plums, figs, quince, and lemons. Throughout Macedonia, Lozovo is known for growing the most delicious watermelon.


Many locals have chickens, goats, and pigs. A few locals make their living as shepherds. Local goat walks occur daily through the main street.



The train stops daily in Lozovo (the stop is known as Orce). The train connects Lozovo to Veles,Skopje and other cities, and to Saint Nikole, Shtip and Kochani.


The main road through town is called Marshal Tito. Lozovo straddles the regional road, M-5.


Lozovo hosts its glory, or its saint’s day, on October 27. The town celebrates its patron saint, Saint Petka, with music, dancing, and food at its church. The glory draws hundreds of others from the surrounding areas.


At the center of town is a Turkish tower and the remnants of a mosque. Near the regional road is a beautiful, newly built church.

Visitors to Lozovo will see the tall, distinctive radio tower.

Coordinates: 41°47′02″N 21°54′20″E / 41.7838888989°N 21.9055555656°E / 41.7838888989; 21.9055555656

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