Loyola Press

Loyola Press
Parent company Society of Jesus
Founded 1912
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Chicago, Illinois
Publication types books
Official website www.loyolapress.com

Loyola Press is a publishing house based in Chicago, Illinois. It is a nonprofit apostolate of the Chicago-Detroit Province of the Society of Jesus.[1] It has no connection with Loyola University Chicago.

It primarily publishes school books for the parochial school market. However, in 1997, the press did publish a bestseller: The Gift of Peace, the last testament of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin.[2]

History of Loyola

Loyola University Press was founded in 1912 and became a separate non-profit in 1940 independent of any university. It changed its name to Loyola Press in 1995.


Loyola Press publishes Chicago-related titles under the The Wild Onion imprint, Jesuit studies titles under the Jesuit Way banner, and textbooks under the Loyola University Press imprint.[3]

Notable authors

Loyola Press has published books by the following notable people:[4]


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