Loyola Consumer Law Review

Loyola Consumer Law Review  
Abbreviated title (ISO 4)
CLR and
Loy. Consumer L. Rev.
Discipline Consumer Law
Language English
Publication details
Publication history
Fall 1987 – present
Frequency Quarterly
ISSN 1530-5449

The Loyola Consumer Law Review (CLR), is a student-run legal journal affiliated with the Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Established in 1988 as the Loyola Consumer Law Reporter, the publication focuses on legal issues and their relationship to and effect on consumers. On the 10th anniversary of the publication, in 1998, the Loyola Consumer Law Reporter officially became the Loyola Consumer Law Review. CLR is the only law review in the country that is dedicated to examining legal issues as they relate to consumers. The publication provides a forum for dialogue among those in the field including practitioners and law professors. It aims to be approachable to a wide audience and relies on fewer footnotes then the average legal journal.

Each volume of the publication is composed of four issues. The Loyola Consumer Law Review is currently producing Volume 23.


Because the Loyola Consumer Law Review is student-run, each year the publication has had a different editor-in-chief. Here is the complete list of CLR Editors-in-Chief.

Volume Dates Name
25 2012–2013 Leslie Cornell
24 2011–2012 Brad Lorden
23 2010–2011 Peter Matejcak
22 2009–2010 Sarah Tennant
21 2008–2009 Peter Bergan
20 2007–2008 Jeffrey M. Sussman
19 2006–2007 Dara S. Chevlin
18 2005–2006 Eric T. Blum
17 2004–2005 Amanda Adams
16 2003–2004 James Michel
15 2002–2003 Heather E. Nolan
14 2001–2002 Randy M. Awdish
13 2000–2001 Jennifer K. Gust
12 1999–2000 Lynn Hanley
11 1998–1999 Jeremy Stephenson
10 1997–1998 Jeremy Stephenson (Issue 4)
Tisha Pates Underwood (Issues 1–3)
9 1996–1997 Tisha Pates Underwood (Issue 4)
Glen S. Thomas (Issues 1–3)
8 1995–1996 Glen S. Thomas (Issue 4)
Janet Garetto (Issue 3)
Heather Shore (Issues 1–2)
7 1994–1995 W. Matthew Bryant
6 1993–1994 Julia C. McLaughlin
5 1992–1993 Allison Despard
4 1991–1992 Pamela B. Hall
3 1990–1991 David V. Goodsir
2 1989–1990 David Colaric
1 1988–1989 Vivian R. Hessel
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