Loyalty Islands Province

Loyalty Islands Province
Province des îles Loyauté

Coordinates: 21°04′S 167°21′E / 21.067°S 167.350°E / -21.067; 167.350Coordinates: 21°04′S 167°21′E / 21.067°S 167.350°E / -21.067; 167.350
Country France
Collectivity New Caledonia
Seat Lifou
  President Néko Hnepeune (2014–2019)
  Total 1,980.9 km2 (764.8 sq mi)
Population [1]
  Total 18,297
  Density 9.2/km2 (24/sq mi)
Communities (2009)[1]
  Kanak 96.6 %
  European 2.0%
  Multiracial 0.9%
  Wallisians and Futunans 0.1%
  Asians 0.1%
  Ni-Vanuatu 0.1%
  Other 0.1%
Website www.province-iles.nc

The Loyalty Islands Province (French Province des îles Loyauté) is one of three administrative subdivisions of New Caledonia. The province corresponds to the Loyalty Islands, an archipelago located northeast of the New Caledonian mainland of Grande Terre.

The provincial government seat is the commune of Lifou, New Caledonia. The province's population was approximately 18,297 inhabitants (2014).

Geography and communes

The Loyalty Islands Province is divided into three communes (municipalities):

Provincial congress

Of 14 seats in the province's congress, the nationalist Caledonian Union holds four, the anti-independence Rally for Caledonia in the Republic holds two, and the National Union for Independence-Kanak and Socialist National Liberation Front, Socialist Kanak Liberation, Renewed Caledonian Union and Union of Pro-Independence Co-operation Committees each have two.

Presidents of Loyalty Province

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