Louis of Cyprus

Louis of Savoy (Italian: Ludovico; June 5, 1436 or April 1, 1437 August, 1482) was King of Cyprus, reigning together with and in the right of his wife, Queen Charlotte of Cyprus. He was the second son and namesake of Louis, Duke of Savoy, and his wife Anne of Lusignan, daughter of King Janus of Cyprus. He was born in Geneva.

On 14 December 1447, at Stirling Castle, he firstly married Annabella of Scotland, the daughter of James I of Scotland. There were no children from the marriage, and the couple separated, divorced and the marriage was annulled in 1458.

The following year, on October 7, 1459, Louis married his cousin, Queen Charlotte of Cyprus and became King of Cyprus and also titular King of Jerusalem and of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia for the brief period of her reign from 1459 to 1464, when they were deposed.

Louis died at the Château-Monastery de Ripaille in France.


Regnal titles
Preceded by
as sole ruler
King of Cyprus
with Charlotte
Succeeded by
James II

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