Louis d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours

Louis d'Armagnac, duc de Nemours, 19th century copy of an old portrait by Charles de Steuben.

Louis d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours (1472, Normandy; April 28, 1503, Cerignola, Italy), known for most of his life as the Count of Guise, was the third son of Jacques d'Armagnac, Duke of Nemours and Louise of Anjou.

In 1491, he was made Count of Guise, a title last held by his uncle Charles IV, Duke of Anjou. Upon the death of his elder brother Jean in 1500, he became Duke of Nemours. He fought in the Italian Wars and was made viceroy of Naples in 1501. He was defeated and killed at the battle of Cerignola, April 28, 1503.[1]


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Count of Guise
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Duke of Nemours
Count of Castres, l'Isle-Jourdain and Pardiac

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