Louis II, Landgrave of Lower Hesse

Louis II
Landgrave of Lower Hesse
Born 7 September 1438
Died 8 November 1471
Spouse Mechthild of Württemberg-Urach
Issue Anna
William I, Landgrave of Lower Hesse
William II, Landgrave of Hesse
House House of Hesse
Father Louis I, Landgrave of Hesse
Mother Anna of Saxony

Louis II of Hesse (German: Ludwig) (7 September 1438 8 November 1471), called Louis the Frank, was the Landgrave of Lower Hesse from 1458 - 1471.

He was the son of Louis I, Landgrave of Hesse and Anna of Saxony. He married Mechthild, daughter of Ludwig I, Count of Württemberg-Urach in 1454. Their children were:

He also had seven (known) illegitimate children by his mistress, Margarethe von Holzheim (born about 1443 - died after 1515):[1]

The Landgraviate of Hesse had been divided by his father Louis I between Louis II and his brother Henry III into Hesse-Kassel (Lower Hesse) and Hesse-Marburg (Upper Hesse). The brothers fought about the exact demarcation of the realm until May 1470.


  1. Translated from German Wikipedia entry.
Louis II, Landgrave of Lower Hesse
Born: 7 September 1438 Died: 8 November 1471
Preceded by
Louis I
Landgrave of Lower Hesse
Succeeded by
William I

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