Louis, Prince of Brionne

Prince of Brionne

Engraving of Louis
Born (1725-09-10)10 September 1725[1]
Died 28 June 1761(1761-06-28) (aged 35)
Spouse Louise Charlotte de Gramont
Auguste de Coëtquen
Louise Julie Constance de Rohan
Charles Eugène, Prince of Lambesc
Joséphine, Princess of Carignan
Joseph, Prince of Vaudémont
Full name
Louis Charles de Lorraine
House House of Lorraine
Father Louis de Lorraine
Mother Jeanne Henriette de Durfort

Louis of Lorraine (Louis Charles; 10 September 1725 – 28 June 1761) was a member of the House of Guise, a cadet branch of the House of Lorraine. He married three times and through his daughter, is an ancestor of the present House of Savoy. He was the Grand Squire of France and Governor of Anjou.


Born to Louis of Lorraine, Prince of Lambesc and his wife Jeanne Henriette de Durfort (grand daughter of Jacques Henri de Durfort de Duras) he was the couples fourth child and first son. Through his mother, he was a great great great grandson of Henri de La Tour d'Auvergne, Duke of Bouillon, father of Turenne.

Louis' wife with the duc de Choiseul.

His paternal family, the Guise's were a cadet branch of the House of Lorraine, the sovereign Dukes of Lorraine; as such Louis could count the future Francis I, Holy Roman Emperor and a Queen of Sardinia as cousins.

Styled as the Count of Brionne in his youth, he was later known as the Prince of Lambesc. While known as Count, he was painted by the famous Jean-Marc Nattier with his oldest sister Jeanne Louise (1711–1772).

He married three times. Married first to Louise Charlotte de Gramont (1725–1742) styled Mademoiselle de Guiche prior to her marriage, grand daughter of Antoine de Gramont on 31 January 1740. The couple had no issue, Louise Charlotte dying in 1742. Secondly he married Auguste de Coëtquen on 29 December 1744 (1722–1746) and had no issue. His last wife, Louise de Rohan (1734–1815)[2] was the daughter of the Prince of Rochefort. The couple were married at the Abbaye de Penthemont in Paris on 3 October 1748. The House of Rohan, Louise's family, were one of the oldest and most extravagant families in France.

Louis and Louise had four children, one of which, Joséphine, had children. Louise de Rohan died in 1815, outliving her husband by some fifty years.

Military career

In January 1740,[3] he was created a gentleman of the Gardes Francaises. In April the same year, he was given the Governorship of Anjou, a post which had previously been occupied by his father who resigned from the station.

In December 1743,[3] he was created the Grand Squire of France,[3] a post which had been occupied by his distant cousin Charles de Lorraine. The post was one of the Great Officers of the Crown of France and a member of the King's Household. The position was roughly equivalent to the United Kingdom positions of Master of the Horse and the Crown Equerry.

Louis XV made him a Brigadier of the King's Armies in April 1745[3] and a knight of the Order of the Holy Spirit, the most prestigious knighthoods in France (21 May 1752).[3]



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