Los que no deben nacer

Los que no deben nacer
Directed by Agustin P. Delgado
Written by Félix B. Caignet - Agustin P. Delgado
Starring Sara García
Music by Gonzalo Curiel
Cinematography Rosalio Solano
Release dates
October 7, 1953
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

Los que no deben nacer ("Those who shouldn't be born") is a 1953 Mexican film. It stars Sara García.


A wealthy couple have a child that is born without both legs. To shelter his wife from the pain of knowing that their only child had been born crippled, he convinces their maid to trade the child she is expecting with his. She agrees and out of greed and bitterness she sells the child to the circus. The circus becomes the child’s home where he grows up being exploited and exhibited as a human freak.[1]



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