Los Rey

Los Rey
Genre Telenovela
Created by David Jacobs
Luis Felipe Ybarra
Written by Luis Felipe Ybarra
José Luis Duran
Carlos Quintanilla
Enrique Renteria
Starring Rossana Nájera
Michel Brown
Leonardo García
Ofelia Medina
Fernando Luján
Juan Alfonso Baptista
Opening theme "El Imperio de Los Rey" by Los Tigritos
Country of origin Mexico
Original language(s) Spanish
No. of episodes 125
Executive producer(s) Elisa Salinas Gómez
Pedro Lira García
Rafael Gutiérrez Rodríguez
Producer(s) Associate producers:
Eckehardt Von Damm
Luis Felipe Ybarra
Francesca Manetti Salinas
Bruno Urban Domm
Luis Bautista
Location(s) Mexico City, Mexico
Hacienda San Gabriel, Cuernavaca
Las Vegas, Nevada
Camera setup Multi-camera
Original network TV Azteca
Original release 3 September 2012 (2012-09-03) – 22 February 2013 (2013-02-22)
Preceded by La mujer de Judas
Followed by Vivir a destiempo
Related shows Dallas (1978)

Los Rey (It All Stays in the Family) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Elisa Salinas[1] for Azteca. It stars Leonardo Garcia, with Michel Brown and Rossana Najera as the protagonists,[2] both dubbed as "La pareja" in the face card, alongside Juan Alfonso Baptista, Ana Belena, Fernando Alonso, Cecilia Ponce, Jose Alonso, Ofelia Medina, Fernando Lujan, Ariel Lopez Padilla, Victor Huggo Martin and Elizabeth Cervantes.[3] Rafael Gutiérrez and Rodrigo Cachero serve as the directors. Los Rey is written by Luis Felipe Ybarra who is also the associate producer. From 3 September 2012 to 22 February 2013, Azteca 13 broadcast Los Rey, replacing La Mujer de Judas.[4][5]


Everardo Rey is a powerful business man who leads the Rey Industrial Group in Mexico. He has three sons: Everardo "Vado", Guillermo and Matías. His wife is Manuela San Vicente.

Behind the empire of wealth, there is a story of betrayal and deceit made meticulously by Everardo Rey, a man who grew up with Pedro Malvido, his best friend. Both were poor and in their desire to improve their quality of life, they look for the "American Dream". In USA, they agree to forget Manuela San Vicente, a high class girl who was loved by both of them. After several years and having made fortune, Everardo and Pedro go back to Mexico in order to start a glass collection business. However, Everardo Rey forgets his agreement with Pedro and marries Manuela.

Once free and without money, Pedro finds out fraud charge details and his friend's betrayal. With his family, Pedro Luis tries to start over again, but he always waits for the revenge on Everardo Rey.

Away from hate and revenge, a deep and real love is born between Pedro's daughter Lorenza Malvido and Matías Rey who try to calm down the family hate in order to be in peace and happy together.


Garcia, Brown and Baptista were the first to be cast in this adaptation. In this telenovela, Leonardo Garcia takes on his first villain role ever in his career, while Nájera debuts as a main protagonist[6] and it also marks the return of Ofelia Medina to the small screen. Edgar Castillo Sosa was appointed as the casting director for the telenovela.

Fernando Lujan and Pepe Alonso reunites again as enemies for the third time in this series.

Jonathan Islas was offered the role of Leonardo in the novela but he declined the offer and joins Telemundo's El Rostro de la Venganza instead.[7]

The telenovela later features Sergio Basañez as Ronco Abadi, a hidden character, which is his first villain role for Azteca.



The filming of promotional clips and opening montage started on 30 June[8] The filming started on 30 July.[9] In the end, the original opening montage was not used and is replaced by random scenes of the novela. Instead, it was used as the bumpers during commercials. The filming ended on 22 December 2012.[10]

Las Vegas

On 8 September, cast members Karen Senties, Ariel Lopez Padilla and Leonardo Garcia flew to Las Vegas to film flashback scenes back to 20 years ago.

Theme songs

"Los Rey"

Also known as "El imperio de los Rey" in La Academia 10
Opening theme

"Algo entre los dos"

Lorenza and Matias' love theme

Tamara and Gervasio's theme

Amado and Fina's themes

Public relations

Autograph session

Date Location Cast
21 Sept. 2012[11][12] Perisur shopping center Brown, Najera, Garcia
28 Sept. 2012[13][14] Elektra Mega Toluca Cervantes, De la Fuente, Baptista, Belena
5 Oct. 2012[15] Elektra Villas de la HaciendaMiranda, Fernando Alonso, De la Fuente


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