Lords and margraves of Bergen op Zoom

Map of the margraviate of Bergen op Zoom from 1747

The following is a list of lords and later on margraves of Bergen op Zoom. Bergen op Zoom became separated from the lordship of Breda in 1287 under the nominal overlordship of the duchy of Brabant. In 1559 the lordship was elevated to the rank of margraviate. The title was only a nominal one until 1795 when it was abolished.

Lords of Bergen op Zoom

House Wezemaal

House Voorne

House Boutershem

House Glymes

Margraves of Bergen op Zoom (1559)

House Glymes

House Merode

House Wittem

House van den Bergh

House von Hohenzollern

House of La Tour d'Auvergne

House von Sulzbach

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