Private company
Industry Media
Web search engine
Web portal
Founded 1996
Headquarters Commack, New York, USA
Key people

John Colascione, CEO
Ralph Cristello, Officer on Board of Managers [1]

Tyler Roe was the original CEO of LongIsland.com, through its parent company, Invision.com, Inc.[2]
Revenue Not disclosed
Not disclosed
Number of employees
Website www.LongIsland.com

LongIsland.com is a destination-specific geodomain and Web portal founded in 1996 and headquartered in Commack, New York, on Long Island. It is owned by Long Island Media Inc.[4] LongIsland.com provides extensive content, local news, Associated Press newslines, press releases and other information for both area residents and visitors. The web site receives in access of 450,000 visitors per month.[5] Its tagline is Long Island's Most Popular Website, although compelling and memorable, this may not necessarly be supported by fact.


LongIsland.com was originally owned and operated by Invision.com, Inc. an IT firm that subsequently merged with IT firm mindShift in September 2007.[6] In 2010, Massachusetts based Mindshift sold the domain during an online auction for $370,000.00.[7] John Colascione owner of Long Island Exchange Inc. and Ralph Cristello owner of Internet Point Inc, were rival bidders, with Cristello ultimately winning the auction.[8] In 2015 the two competitors merged into Long Island Media Inc.[9]

Pizza Contest

The Long Island Pizza Festival & Bake-Off is an annual charity event coordinated and hosted by LongIsland.com. The Festival has been featured on FoodNetwork TV's "All American Festivals," written up in The New York Times, spotlighted on local TV stations including News 12 and Long Island News Tonight.

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