Liviu Pop

Liviu Pop
Education Minister of Romania
Personal details
Born Romania
Political party Social Democratic Party

Liviu Pop was a very controversial Romanian interim Education Minister in the Victor Ponta (Prime Minister) cabinet.[1][2][3][4][5]

He played an important role during the Victor Ponta doctoral thesis plagiarism controversy (then the Prime Minister) scandal. A session of a committee charged with validating academic titles analyzed the Victor Ponta doctoral thesis and decided with a unanimous vote of members present that Ponta had committed copy and paste plagiarism, subsequently requesting the withdrawal of Ponta's doctoral title. In response, interim Education Minister Liviu Pop (PSD) contested the committee's jurisdiction and dismissed the findings, citing the lack of a quorum. The minister had already signed an order reorganizing the committee the previous day, but, due to technical reasons, the order came into effect during the very session analyzing the thesis.

Another committee, subordinated to the Education Ministry, later found that Ponta did not commit plagiarism.

On July 27th, 2016 the CNATDCU (Consiliul Naţional de Atestare a Titlurilor, Diplomelor si Certificatelor Universitare) (reformed by the new Education Ministry) has reconfirmed the plagiarism verdict, subsequently requesting the withdrawal of Ponta's doctoral title.


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