Livingston family

Current region United States East Coast
Place of origin Scotland
Members Robert Livingston
Philip Livingston
William Livingston
Estate Livingston Manor
Clermont Manor
Arms of Livingston of Callendar [1]

The Livingston family of New York is a prominent family which migrated from Scotland to the Dutch Republic to the Province of New York in the 17th century. Descended from William, 4th Lord Livingston,[1] its members included signers of the United States Declaration of Independence (Philip Livingston) and the United States Constitution (William Livingston). Several members were Lords of Livingston Manor and Clermont Manor, located along the Hudson River in 18th-century eastern New York.


Descendants of the Livingstons include Presidents of the United States George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, First Lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt, Congressman Bob Livingston of Louisiana, much of the wealthy Astor family, New York Governor Hamilton Fish, actor Montgomery Clift, and actress Jane Wyatt. The eccentric Collyer brothers are alleged to have been descended from the Livingston family.

The Livingston family burial crypt was established in 1727 at Livingston Memorial Church and Burial Ground in New York.[2] Liberty Hall (also known as the William Livingston House) is the home built by New Jersey Governor William Livingston, a signatory of the Constitution. Located in Elizabethtown, New Jersey, it has been designated as a National Historic Landmark, and is operated as a museum within the Liberty Hall Campus of Kean University.[3]

Family tree

John Livingston
Janet Fleming
James Livingston
Robert Livingston the Elder
Alida Schuyler
sister of Mayor of Albany Pieter Schuyler Pieter was the brother in law of Mayor of new York Stephanus Van Cortlandt and was also a great-grandfather of Colonel James Livingston (1747-1832) and a great-uncle of Philip Schuyler.
Robert Livingston the Younger
m. Margarita Schuyler, daughter of Pieter Schuyler mayor of Albany New York and acting Governor of New York State
Philip Livingston (1686–1749)
Catharine Van Brugh, daughter of Mayor of Albany Pieter Van Brugh; greatuncle of Peter Gansevoort and related to Goose Van Schaick (Goose son of Mayor of Albany Sybrant Van Schaick);
Robert Livingston (1688–1775)
Gilbert Livingston
great grandfather of Hamilton Fish a descendant of New Amsterdam's Peter Stuyvesant. Hamilton Fish wife Julia Kean was a descendant of Phillip Livingston
John Livingston (1709-1791) m. Catharina Ten Broeck (1715-1802), sister of Abraham Ten Broeck. An Older Brother of John Livingston was James Livingston (1701-1763) the father of Janet Livingston (1730-1819) the wife of Loyalist/Canadian Chief Justice William Smith (chief justice) (1728-1793). An older sister of John Livingston was Engeltje Livingston (1698-1746) m. Johannes van Rensselaer (1707-1783), parents of Katherine Van Rensselaer (1734-1803) (wife of General Philip Schuyler) and General Robert Van Rensselaer (1740-1802)
Peter Van Brugh Livingston
5th great grandfather of Montgomery Clift
William Livingston
(172390) Governor of New Jersey
Robert Livingston (1718–1775) His grandson-in-law was George Croghan (soldier) a nephew of William Clark and George Rogers Clark.
Henry Livingston, Sr.
His granddaugther Susanna Livingston was the wife of Secretary of the Navy/Supreme Court Justice Smith Thompson and a cousin of Supreme Court Justice Henry Brockholst Livingston
Joanna Livingston
m. Pierre Van Cortlandt parents of Philip Van Cortlandt and Pierre Van Cortlandt, Jr. Pierre Jr was the son-in-law of George Clinton (vice president) and brother-in-law to James Clinton
James Livingston
3rd great grandfather of Flora Sheldon Bush from whom are descended US Presidents Bush
Robert Livingston (1708–1790). Father-in-law of James Duane Mayor of New York. A great grandson Ancram Livingston (b.January 30, 1828-d.November 30, 1895) was the grandson of Vermont Governor Cornelius P. Van Ness.
Philip Livingston
m. Christina Ten Broeck (1718-1801), sister of Abraham Ten Broeck(1734-1810) Abraham was the husband of Elizabeth Van Rensselaer, a sister of patroon Stephen Van Rensselaer II and great-granddaughter of the first native-born mayor of New York City, Stephanus Van Cortlandt. Van Cortlandt was also related to Philipse; Delancy; Izard; Skinner families and to British Generals Sir William Johnson, 1st Baronet and Thomas Gage.
Sarah Livingston
m. William Alexander (American general)-parents in law of Congressman William Duer (Continental Congressman) the grandfather of Congressman William Duer (U.S. Congressman) Sarah Livingston was also the great-grandmother of US General Stephen W. Kearny
James Livingston
(17471832) Grandfather of Gerrit Smith and Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Philip Peter Livingston
Susannah Livingston
m. John Cleves Symmes (Susanna was Stepmother-in-law of President William Henry Harrison)
Sarah Livingston
m. John Jay
Janet Livingston
m. Richard Montgomery
Gertrude Livingston
m. New York Governor Morgan Lewis son of Congressman Francis Lewis
Edward Livingston
(17641836), author of the Livingston Code, U.S. Minister to France, U.S Secretary of State, U.S. Senator
Maria Livingston
m. James Duane Mayor of New York
Catharina Livingston
m. Stephen Van Rensselaer II great-grandson of Mayor of New York Stephanus Van Cortlandt
Henry Brockholst Livingston
Robert R. Livingston (chancellor) (17461813) U.S. Minister to France; negotiator of the Louisiana Purchase
Alida Livingston
m. John Armstrong, Jr., parents-in-law of William Backhouse Astor, Sr.
Walter Livingston
(174097) married Cornelia Schuyler a first cousin several times removed to Philip Schuyler
Philip P. Livingston
(174187) Note: his daughter Christina Livingston's husband's brother was US Army general Alexander Macomb who was related by marriage to the Washington, Lee family of Virginia and George Mason families
Sarah Livingston
John Henry Livingston
Henry Livingston, Jr.
(17481828) Grandfather of Senator Sidney Breese and Admiral Samuel Livingston Breese
Charles L. Livingston
Stephen Van Rensselaer III
(17641839) husband of Margarita daughter of Philip Schuyler and Katherine Van Rensselaer (a granddaughter of Robert Livingston the Younger). Stephen Rensselaer III was brother-in-law to Alexander Hamilton and Philip Jeremiah Schuyler (1768-1835). Stephen father-in-law from his 2nd marriage was the Governor of New Jersey William Paterson (judge). A younger brother of Stephen was Philip Schuyler Van Rensselaer (1767-1824) Mayor of Albany, New York. A son of Philip Jeremiah Schuyler was Robert Livingston Schuyler (1798-1855) Harvard Graduate of 1817 and railroad speculator/embezzler
Henry W. Livingston
(17681810) great-great-great-grandfather of Congressman Bob Livingston
Philip Henry Livingston
Edward Philip Livingston
Elizabeth Stevens Livingston
Edward Livingston
(17961840) married to Sarah Lansing daughter of Chancellor of New York John Lansing, Jr. Two of Sarah cousins-descended from New Jersey Governor Lewis Morris (governor)-Richard Ray and Barnett Bleecker Lansing also married into Livingston Family
Elisabeth (Livingston) Ludlow
grandmother of Anna Hall Roosevelt and great-grandmother of Eleanor Roosevelt


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