Livigno Alps

Livigno Alps

Livigno Alps (in red) within the Alps.
The borders of the range according to
Alpine Club classification of the Eastern Alps

Highest point
Peak Cima de' Piazzi
Elevation 3,439 m (11,283 ft)
Coordinates 46°31′4″N 10°5′43″E / 46.51778°N 10.09528°E / 46.51778; 10.09528Coordinates: 46°31′4″N 10°5′43″E / 46.51778°N 10.09528°E / 46.51778; 10.09528
Countries Switzerland and Italy
States Graubünden and Lombardy
Parent range Central Eastern Alps

The Livigno Alps are a mountain range in the Alps of eastern Switzerland and northern Italy, around the Italian village Livigno. They are considered to be part of the Central Eastern Alps.

The Livigno Alps are separated from the Bernina Range in the south-west by the Bernina Pass; from the Albula Alps in the north-west by the Upper Engadin valley; from the Sesvenna Range in the north-east by the Ofen Pass and Val Müstair; from the Ortler Alps in the east by the upper Adda River valley (Valtellina) and the Stelvio Pass.

The Livigno Alps are drained by the rivers Adda River, Inn and Rom (tributary of the Adige).


Piz Languard
Val Muragl
Val Trupchun, Swiss National Park

The main peaks of the Livigno Alps are:

Peak Elevation (m/ft)
Cima de' Piazzi3439 11,283
Cima Viola3384 11,103
Piz Paradisin3305 10,844
Pizzo di Dosde3280 10,762
Scima da Saoseo3277 10,752
Piz Languard326610,716
Piz Murtaröl3177 10,424
Piz Quattervals3157 10,358
Cime Redasco3139 10,299
Munt Cotschen 3104 10,184
Piz Sena3078 10,099
Piz Chaschauna3072 10,079
Piz Lavirun 3052 10,013
Monte Foscagno3051 10,010
Piz dal Teo3050 10,007
Pizzo del Ferro (Val Fraele)3050 10,007
Piz Umbrail 3034 9,955
Monte Braulio 2980 9,777
Piz Mezzaun 2963 9,721
Piz Lagalb 2959 9,708
Piz Trevisina 2823 9,262
Monte Massuccio2816 9,239
Munt la Schera 2589 8,494
Muottas Muragl 2454 8,051


The main passes of the Livigno Alps are:

Mountain pass location type Elevation (m / ft)
Passo di Dosde Val Grosina to Val Viola Bormina foot path 2850 9351
Passo di Sacco Bernina road to Grosio foot path 2751 9026
Chaschauna Pass S-chanf to Livigno bridle path 2692 8832
Umbrail Pass (Giogo di Santa Maria) Val Müstair to the Stelvio Pass road road 2512 8242
Passo di Val Viola Bernina road to Bormio bridle path 2431 7976
Giufplan Pass Ofen road to Val Fraele bridle path 2354 7723
Bernina Pass Pontresina to Tirano road 2330 7645
Forcola di Livigno Bernina Pass to Livigno road 2328 7638
Passo di Verva Bormio to Grosio foot path 2314 7592
Foscagno Pass Bormio to Trepalle road 2291 7517
Alpisella Pass Livigno to Val Fraele bridle path 2285 7497
Dossradond Pass Val Müstair to Val Fraele bridle path 2240 7349
Passo d'Eira Livigno to Trepalle road 2209 7248
Ofen Pass Zernez to Val Müstair road 2155 7071
Fraele Pass Val Fraele to the Ofen Pass road bridle path 1950 6398
Scale di Fraele Bormio to Val Fraele dirt road 1942 6372

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