Little My

Little My
Moomins character

Little My in Moomin World theme park, Naantali, Finland.
First appearance The Exploits of Moominpappa
Created by Tove Jansson
Gender Female
Family Moominpappa (adopted father)
Moominmamma (adopted mother)
Moomintroll (adopted brother)
Sniff (adopted brother)
Relatives Snufkin (half-brother)
Mymble (mother)
Mymble's Daughter (sister)
And numerous other brothers and sisters

Little My (original Swedish: Lilla My (literally: "little mu") is a character in the Moomin series of books by Tove Jansson. The character first appeared in the fourth book, The Exploits of Moominpappa (1950). She is a small, determined and fiercely independent Mymble. Little My is brash, aggressive, mischievous and disrespectful, but can also be a good friend when she wants to. She is the Mymble's daughter's younger sister. She was eventually adopted by the Moomin family.

The name Little My originated from the twelfth letter of the Greek alphabet: μ (Mu) – transliterated as my and pronounced [my] in Swedish.[1] In the metric system, lowercase mu μ, meaning "one-millionth", represents the prefix "micro-", from the Greek μικρός (mikrós), meaning "small".


Little My is a very abrasive person who almost always succeeds in persuading her listener or discussion partner. She is an unconventional debater who uses emotion and logic to win arguments.[2] She typically makes a personal attack on the person she is having the discussion with or about,[3] states her own undocumented conclusions,[4]exaggerates her opponents' arguments to ridicule them,[5] and uses nonverbal effects to show her opponent's inferiority.[6]


Little My appears in the following books:

In addition, Little My plays major roles in the picture-books The Book about Moomin, Mymble and Little My and An Unwanted Guest, has a brief speaking role in The Dangerous Journey, and makes a silent (and unmentioned by the narrative) cameo in one of the illustrations in Who Will Comfort Toffle?. She is also mentioned a number of times in Moominvalley in November, but since this book takes place roughly at the same time as the trip to the lighthouse island in Moominpappa at Sea, she doesn't actually appear in person.

She also shows up as a major character in most Moomin-related media, comics, movies, and TV series.

Other Little Mys

The Cardiff band Little My (2006–2010) adopted its name from the Moomin character.


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