Listed buildings in Holbæk Municipality

This list of listed buildings in Holbæk Municipality is a list of listed buildings in Holbæk Municipality, Denmark.

The list

Listing name Image Location Year built Contributing ressource Ref
Aggersvold Aggersvoldvej 21, 4450 Jyderup 1835 Main building built in 1833-35 but altered in 1919 and 1979 Ref4
Bakkekammen 23 (3) Bakkekammen 23, 4300 Holbæk 1835 U-shaped house with garage wing and storage/greenhouse wing connected by wall from 1913 designed by Ivar Bentsen and a detached storage building from 1920 also designed by Bentsen
Bakkekammen 40 (4) Bakkekammen 40, 4300 Holbæk 1835 House, garage, storage building and garden pavilion from 1917 designed by Ivar Bentsen and Marius Pedersen Ref4
Bakkekammen 45 (2) Bakkekammen 45, 4300 Holbæk 1835 Marius Pedersen øs own home built in 1929 in the style known as Bedre Byggeskik with garage, walls and front garden
Brorfelde Observatory (15) Observator Gyldenkernes Vej 3-15, Holbæk 1953 Astronomical observatory from 1953-1962 designed by Kaj Gottlob in collaboration with the landscape architect Georg Georgsen Ref4
Diget 24 Diget 24, 4300 Holbæk 1922 House from 1922 designed by Ivar Bentsen Ref
Dorthealyst (9) Knabstrup Møllebakke 4A-B and 6, 4440 Mørkøv 1835 Widow seat from 1799-1802 by Philip Lange Ref4
Eriksholm Castle Eriksholmvej 40, 4390 Vipperød 1788 Neoclassical manor house from 1788 Ref
Hjembæk Kirkelade Præstevænget 2, 4450 Jyderup Building dating from the late Middle Ages and later Ref
Hjembæk Rectory Præstevænget 4, 4450 Jyderup c. 1700 Rectory from c. 1700 Ref4
Holbæk Barracks Kasernevej 43, 4300 Holbæk 1913 Ridehuset: Three-winged building from 1913 by Olaf Petri and Egil Fischer Ref
Kasernevej 77, 4300 Holbæk 1913 Eksercerhuset : Three-winged building from 1913 by Olaf Petri and Egil Fischer Ref
Holbæk Museum Klosterstræde 16, 4300 Holbæk 1670 One-storey, halftimbered building fronting the street from 1669-70 Ref
Klosterstræde 16, 4300 Holbæk 1670 One-storey, half-timberedm building to the rear from 1669-70 Ref
Klosterstræde 16, 4300 Holbæk 1913 Two-storey, half-timbered building originally situated on Algade Ref
Holbæk Priory
Klosterstræde 7, 4300 Holbæk The priory's west wing from the 14th century and the south wing which also dates from the 14th century but was adapted in 1783, 1863 and 1916 Ref
Holbæk Seminarium Seminarieparken 2, 4300 Holbæk 1965 Three-storey building from 1965 designed by Gehrdt Bornebusch, Max Brüel and Jørgen Selchau Ref
Seminarieparken 9, 4300 Holbæk 1965 One'storey building with student housing from 1965 designed by Gehrdt Bornebusch, Max Brüel and Jørgen Selchau Ref
HallHolbæk's 2nd town hall Klosterstræde 18, 4300 Holbæk 1744 Former town hall with extension and side wing from 1844 designed by Frederik Ferdinand Friis Ref
Holbæk's 3rd Town Hall Rådhuspladsen 1, 4300 Holbæk 1914 Combined town hall and jailhouse with surrounding walls from 1909-1911 designed by Vilh. Fischer and Jens Møller-Jensen Ref
Knabstrup Manor Knabstrupvej 49, 4420 Regstrup 1861 Main building from 1861 designed by Vilhelm Dahlerup Ref
Knabstrupvej 51, 4420 Regstrup 17th century Three-winged, half-timbered complex of farm buildings dating from the 17th century Ref
Kapellanboligen Kirkestræde 2B, 4300 Holbæk c. 1600 10 bays long, one-storey, half-timbered house from c. 1600 adjoining the wall surrounding St Nicolas' Cemetery Ref
Kongsdal Kongsdalvej 5A, 4440 Mørkøv 1598 Three-winged main building from 1598 Ref
Løvenborg Løvenborg Alle 30, 4420 Regstrup 1630s Three-winged main building with corner towers from the 1630s /modernized in the 18th century), extension to the south wing from 1853 and staircase tower between the south and west wings from the 1890s Ref
Nørre Jernløse Windmill Møllebakken 2A, 4420 Regstrup Smock mill moved from Copenhagen's North Rampart in the late 19th century Ref
Roskildevej 17 C Roskildevej 17C, 4300 Holbæk 1914 Three-winged former nursing home from 1914 designed by Ivar Bentsen Ref
Soderup Hospital Bukkerupvej 14, 4340 Tølløse 18th century Hospital building from the middle of the 18th century Ref
Store Tåstrup Rectory Tåstrupvej 54, 4370 Store Merløse 1701 Three-winged main building from 1701 and later Ref
Søndersted Stubmølle Kalundborgvej 58A, 4300 Holbæk c. 1700 Stub mill from c. 1700 which was moved in 1875 and again in 1938 Ref
Torbenfeldt Ringstedvej 50, 4440 Mørkøv Main building of which the south wing dates from the Middle Ages (but has been extended), the octagonal tower from the 17th century (adapted in 1767 and again c. 1900), the east wing from 1577 (adapted in 1767 and again c. 1900) and the north wing from 1767 (adapted in c. 1900) Ref
Tuse Inn Tuse Byvej 100, 4300 Holbæk 1755 For,er roadside inn from 1755. The thatched, half-timbered building was originally 16 bays long but was shortened to 13 bays in connection with a road expansion in 1962 Ref4
Undløse Widow Seat (2) Holbækvej 1, 4340 Tølløse 1846 Complex from 1846 consisting of a building fronting the street and a rear wing as well as the cobbled courtyard between them Ref4
Vognserup Vognserup 3, 4420 Regstrup c. 1570 Main building from c. 1559-75 Ref
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