List of works for the stage by Lorenzo Ferrero

This is a complete list of the stage works of the Italian composer Lorenzo Ferrero (born 1951).


TitleGenreSub­divisionsLibrettoCompositionPremière datePlace, theatre
Le Néant où l'on ne peut arriver oratorio on a text by Blaise Pascal 1976 16 October 1976 Graz, Graz Cathedral
Invito a nozze ballet 1978 28 June 1978 Teatro Comunale Florence
Rimbaud, ou le fils du soleil quasi un melodramma 3 acts CaudeLouis-François Caude 1978 24 July 1978 Festival d'Avignon
Marilyn scenes from the '50s 2 acts Ferreroby the composer and Floriana Bossi 1979 23 February 1980 Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
La figlia del mago giocodramma melodioso 2 acts RavasiniMarco Ravasini 1981 31 July 1981 Montepulciano, Teatro Poliziano
Mare nostro comic opera 2 acts RavasiniMarco Ravasini 1985 11 September 1985 Alessandria, Teatro Comunale
Night opera 1 act Ferreroby the composer, after Novalis 1985 8 November 1985 Munich, Bavarian State Opera
Lotus Eaters ballet 1985 December 1985 New York City, Joyce Theatre
Salvatore Giuliano opera 1 act Di LevaGiuseppe Di Leva 1985 25 January 1986 Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
Nebbia di latte incidental music composed for a performance of Gianni Colosimo's eponymous play 1987 6 January 1988 Turin, Cabaret Voltaire
La cena delle beffe incidental music composed for a performance of Sem Benelli's play of the same name 1988 6 December 1988 Perugia, Teatro Morlacchi
Charlotte Corday opera 3 acts Di LevaGiuseppe Di Leva 1988 21 February 1989 Teatro dell'Opera di Roma
Le Bleu-blanc-rouge et le noir marionette opera CarassoJ.P. Carasso, after Anthony Burgess 1989 15 November 1989 Paris, Centre Pompidou
Maschere incidental music composed for a performance of Carlo Goldoni's comedy Le massere 1993 6 February 1993 Teatro Stabile del Veneto
La nascita di Orfeo musical action 1 act Ferreroby the composer, with fragments from Euripides and Simonides 1996 19 April 1996 Verona, Teatro Filarmonico
La Conquista opera 2 acts Ferreroby the composer and Frances Karttunen 2002–2004 12 March 2005 Prague National Theatre
Lontano dagli occhi theatre piece VivoVincenzo De Vivo 2005 28 August 2005 Città di Castello
Mozart a Recanati theatre piece VivoVincenzo De Vivo 2006 9 September 2006 Jesi, Teatro Pergolesi
Franca Florio, regina di Palermo ballet 2 acts Luciano Cannito 2007 22 November 2007 Palermo, Teatro Massimo
Le piccole storie: Ai margini delle guerre chamber opera 1 act Di LevaGiuseppe Di Leva 2007 9 December 2007 Teatro Comunale Modena
Risorgimento! opera 1 act OliveriDario Oliveri 2010 26 March 2011 Teatro Comunale Modena



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