List of wars involving Iran

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The following is an historical overview of the list of wars and conflicts involving Iran (Persia). This list is far from complete.

Conflict Iran
and allies
Opponents Results
Median Empire
(678549 BC)
Battle of Nineveh
(612 BC)
Assyrian Empire Victory
  • Destruction of Assyria's capital

Founding of Neo-Babylonian Empire

Fall of Assur
(614 BC)
Assyrian Empire Victory
Battle of Eclipse
(585 BC)
Medes Kingdom of Lydia Undecided
Battle of Hyrba
(552 BC)
Medes Persis Decisive Persian victory
Battle of the persian border
(551 BC)
Medes Persis Victory
  • Persian retreat to Pasargadae
Achaemenid Empire
(550330 BC)
Persian Revolt
(552549 BC)
Persis Median Empire Victory
  • By conquering Media, Iran became an empire.
Conquest of Lydia
(547 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Lydian Empire Victory
  • Lydia annexed by Iran.
Conquest of Babylonia
(540539 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Neo-Babylonian Empire Victory
  • Neo-Babylonian Empire annexed by Iran.
Conquest of Egypt
(525 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Kingdom of Egypt Victory
  • Egypt annexed by Iran.
Invasion of Indus Valley
(518 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Haryanka dynasty Victory
European Scythian camopaign
(513 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Scythians in European Scythia Expansive stalemate
  • Achaemenid domination of the European Black Sea regions.
Greco-Persian Wars
(499449 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Greek city states
Delian League
Battle of Cunaxa
(401 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Cyrus the Younger Victory
Artaxerxes' II Cadusian Campaign
(385 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Cadusii Defeat, but diplomatic success
  • Negotiated peace with rival chiefs.
Revolt of the Satraps
(372362 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Rebel satrapies Victory
  • Rebellions chrushed.
Battle of Pelusium (343 BC)
(343 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Egypt Victory
  • Egypt is conquered for a second time by Iran.
Macedon invasion of Iran
(355328 BC)
Achaemenid Empire Macedon Defeat
Parthian Empire
(247 BCE224 B)
Seleucid–Parthian Wars
(238 BC129 BC)
Parthian Empire Seleucid Empire Victory
  • Expulsion of the Seleucids from Iran.
Armenian–Parthian War
(8785 BC)
Parthian Empire Kingdom of Armenia Defeat
Roman–Parthian Wars
(66 AD217 AD)
Parthian Empire
Kingdom of Armenia
Roman Republic
Status quo ante bellum
  • Borders changed several times.kushanin - sassanid wars kushanin empire annexed by iran
Sassanid Empire
Roman-Sassanid Wars
Sassanid Empire Roman Empire Status quo ante bellum
  • Borders changed several times.
Byzantine–Sassanid Wars
Sassanid Empire Byzantine Empire Status quo ante bellum
  • Borders changed several times.
Ethiopian–Persian Wars
Sassanid Empire Kingdom of Aksum Victory
First Perso-Turkic War
Sassanid Empire Hephthalite Empire
  • The Sassanids captured Balkh.
Second Perso-Turkic War
Sassanid Empire Western Turkic Khaganate
Hephthalite Empire
  • Turkic invasion of Iran repelled.
Third Perso-Turkic War
Sassanid Empire Western Turkic Khaganate
Byzantine Empire
Muslim conquest of Persia
Sassanid Empire
Arab Christians
Rashidun Caliphate Defeat
Saffarid Dynasty
Ghaznavid Dynasty
Seljuq Empire
Battle of Manzikert
Seljuk Empire Byzantine Empire Victory
Byzantine–Seljuq wars
Seljuk Empire Byzantine Empire
Empire of Trebizond
Crusader states
  • Most of Anatolia conquered by the Seljuks.
Khwarazmian Dynasty
Mongol invasion of Khwarezmia
Khwarazmian dynasty Mongol Empire Defeat
  • Khwarezmia added to the Mongol Empire.
Timurid Dynasty
Campaigns of Timur
Timurid dynasty Golden Horde
Ottoman Empire Ottoman Empire
Jalayirid Sultanate
Tughlaq dynasty
Timurid Civil Wars
Various factions Various factions Collapse of the dynasty
Safavid Dynasty
Persian-Uzbek Wars
Safavid dynasty Shaybanids Victory
  • Fall of the Shaybanid Empire.
Battle of Chaldiran
Safavid dynasty  Ottoman Empire Defeat
  • End of Shia uprisings in the Ottoman Empire.
Ottoman–Safavid War of 1523
Safavid dynasty  Ottoman Empire Defeat
Battle of Digomi
Safavid dynasty Kingdom of Kartli Defeat
  • The Battle of Digomi was part of a campaign launched by the Georgian king Simon I of Kartli aimed at the liberation of the capital Tbilisi from the Persians in 1567. Daut Khan attempted to make a sortie with his Persian force, but was routed by Simon’s cavalry and found shelter within the walls of Tbilisi Fortress.
Ottoman–Safavid War of 1578
Safavid dynasty
Kingdom of Kartli
 Ottoman Empire Defeat
Ottoman–Safavid War of 1603
Safavid dynasty  Ottoman Empire Victory
Ottoman–Safavid War of 1623
Safavid dynasty  Ottoman Empire Defeat
Russo-Persian War of 1651
Safavid dynasty  Russia Political, strategic, and tactical victory. Military stalemate.
Hotaki-Safavid War
Safavid dynasty Hotaki dynasty Regime change
  • Afghan control of most of Iran.
Omani Invasion of Bahrain


Safavid dynasty Muscat and Oman Defeat
  • Omani victory, Bahrain sold back to the Safavids.
Russo-Persian War of 1722
Safavid dynasty  Russian Empire
Cossack Hetmanate
Safavid-Hotaki War
Hotaki dynasty Safavid dynasty[1] Regime change
  • End of the Afghan rule in Persia.
Afsharid Dynasty
Afsharid–Ottoman War War of 1730
Afsharid dynasty  Ottoman Empire Victory
  • Persian reconquest of the entire Caucasus.
Nadir Shah's invasion of India
Afsharid dynasty   Mughal Empire Victory
  • Persian plundering of India.
Liberation of Captives
Afsharid dynasty Sikh Confederacy Defeat
  • The Sikhs freed slaves from Nader Shah.
Afsharid–Ottoman War War of 1743
Afsharid dynasty  Ottoman Empire Stalemate
Civil War between Afsharid and Qajar
Afsharid dynasty Qajar Dynasty Regime change
Qajar Dynasty
Battle of Krtsanisi
Qajar dynasty Kartli-Kakheti
Persian Expedition
Qajar dynasty  Russian Empire Victory
  • Tactical Russian withdrawal from Iran.
Russo-Persian War of 1804
Qajar dynasty  Russian Empire Defeat
Ottoman–Persian War of 1821
Qajar dynasty  Ottoman Empire Stalemate
Russo-Persian War of 1826
Qajar dynasty  Russian Empire Defeat
  • Treaty of Turkmenchay. Iran irrevocably cedes the remainder of its Caucasus territories comprising parts of the contemporary Azerbaijan Republic that were not ceded yet in 1813, as well as all of what is nowadays the Republic of Armenia.
Siege of Herat
Qajar dynasty Afghanistan Defeat
  • Persian withdrawal from Herat.
Anglo-Persian War
Qajar dynasty United Kingdom United Kingdom
East India Company
  • Persian withdrawal from Herat.
Pahlavi Dynasty
Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran
Iran  Soviet Union
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Iran-Azerbaijan Crisis
Iran Mahabad
Dhofar Rebellion
  • Defeat of insurgents, modernization of Oman.
Islamic Republic of Iran
Iran–Iraq War
Badr Brigades
Iraq Iraq
Iran–PJAK Conflict
PJAK Ongoing
  • Clashes renew in 2013.
Syrian Civil War
Syria Syria
Syria Free Syrian Army
Islamic Front
al-Nusra Front
Islamic State
  • Rebel and Islamist uprising in much of Syria
  • Much of Syria controlled by the Islamic State.
Iranian intervention in Iraq
 Iraqi Kurdistan
Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq
Badr Organization
Kata'ib Hezbollah
Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant Ongoing
  • Iran launches airstrikes on ISIL positions in Iraq.
  • Iranian military troops engage ISIL on ground.
  • Much of Iraq controlled by the Islamic State.

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  1. De facto ruled by Nader Shah.
  2. The rebellion started already in 1962, but Iran did not intervene before 1973.
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